The Walking Dead – 400 Days Announced

    Telltale games, the makers of the fantastic Walking Dead: The Game, have announced the next episode in the series. It’s “coming soon” to most systems, including iOS, and will be available as DLC for the original game. The first episode of the original game is available here for free. The 400 Days DLC will cost $4.99. Watch the trailer below.

    The game looks similar to the original five episodes, but tells five short stories– each from the point of view of a different character– that take place in the first 400 days of the zombie apocalypse. The episode was written by Gary Whitta, who wrote episode four of the original game, and also penned the screenplays for Hollywood movies like After Earth and The Book of Eli.


    The developers also say:

    The five stories can be played in any order and will change based on the choices that you make. Echoes of the choices you made in Season 1 will carry over into 400 Days and the choices you make in 400 Days will resonate into Season 2.

    The story will provide “connective tissue” between the first and upcoming second “season” of the Walking Dead games.

    You can learn more about 400 Days here. Note that, while the trailer doesn’t show the App Store logo, the text on the YouTube page states that it’s coming to iOS.

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