The Twilight Saga - Memory Quest

The Twilight Saga - Memory Quest is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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The Twilight Saga: Memory Quest Review

We’ll admit, we can’t come up with a good idea for a Twilight game either. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies already has the beat ‘˜em up love story angle, while Surviving High School has nailed the life-and-death drama at the lockers. But the developers of Memory Quest seemed to plain given up on making this license work.

The Twilight Saga – Memory Quest is a familiar tile-flipping memory game, with a bedroom poster-quality photo of the film’s stars as your background. Just tap on the screen to flip over tiles, and find the two that match to whisk them off the board. More tiles will slowly fill the screen, and you have to hit a certain amount to move on to the next round.

Peekaboo with Pattinson.

There are a few variations between rounds, like a Chaos Mode that temporarily flips the screen upside down and a mode where you have to clear all tiles before running out of time. The concept never really gets off the ground, though, as you’ll play through the same few types of matching games over and over, unlocking new backgrounds (Edward, Jacob, etc.) and slightly speedier time constraints.

A few onscreen tokens like wolf paws and gems allow you to perform special moves, like clearing a row or revealing all tiles, and you’re encouraged to try for a high score by matching tiles quickly. Memory Quest makes a slight effort to be varied, but it’s unable to keep things interesting for long. Maybe there’s only so much to be done with tile-matching if you don’t fundamentally alter it.

Even if you’re a ‘Twihard’, The Twilight Saga – Memory Quest isn’t exactly a fountain of bloody good fun. Instead, we’d recommend a few other vampire-themed games like Vampire Origins or Garters and Ghouls, or puzzle games like Puzzle Quest. We doubt we’ll be remembering this game in a few months’ time.

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