The Top 5 States in Terms of iPad Activations Are…

Apple has sold millions of iPad 2012 units in a little over a month, including more than three-million during the first weekend of availability in America. Did you ever wonder which states picked up the most iPads? Chitika has the answer. Read on the see the five states with the most iPad 2012 activations.

According to a Chitika Insights report, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Washington D.C., and Washington state have had the most iPad 2012 activations. Given the population density of D.C. and the generally nerdery of California, seeing those areas in the top five wasn’t surprising. It was unusual that New York didn’t make the list and Hawaii, given its relatively low population density, did.

In general, there were more iPad activations on America’s coasts than in the middle. Again, that has more to due with population density. As someone that has spent most of his life in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, my understanding is that 99 percent of the real cities in America are on the coasts, while the middle of the country (where Slide to Play managing editor Chris Reed lives) is full of corn and wheat. See the Funny or Die map below for reference.

What do you think of the iPad 2012 activation patterns so far?

[Via: GigaOm]

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