The Top Five Sexy Apps Still Available (NSFW)

After the puritanical purge last month, you might think that your chances of finding pictures of scantily clad women on the App Store are slim. Sure, we all heard that apps like Playboy and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2010 survived the banishing, but that’s hardly enough. So we did some digging and unearthed a few more sexy gems for you to get your mitts on. Without further ado, we present five apps that can still give you some decent booty for your buck.


Along the same lines as Playboy and Sports Illustrated, this one probably made it through because of its big-name glossy magazine counterpart. While the paper edition may be marketed mostly towards college frat boys, the app is full of pics and videos of babes in their skivvies. And since that’s all anyone who reads it really wants, who needs the print version at all?

Sexy Poker 2009

It may be last year’s model, but this strip poker game can still be snatched up on the App Store for under a buck. And that’s a bargain, because in addition to featuring six cartoon hotties, the app houses a surprisingly solid poker game as well. The best part is that if you have the skills to build a winning hand time after time, you’re in for a whole lot of progression-based eye candy. Who said videogames aren’t rewarding?

Art Slides – Sexy Paintings

What better way to satisfy your thirst for bikini babes than by coupling it with art history? This app contains a gallery of famous nude paintings with a funny twist. Bathing suits have been Photoshopped onto them. You can learn about the paintings and the artists, and even tilt to reveal the original works. It’s ridiculous, hilarious, and, dare we say it… sexy?


This app used to be marketed directly as a mature (or immature) photo manipulation app. The idea was that you could take any image saved on your phone and add a jiggle effect to certain parts of it. Certain… chesty parts. When Apple banished the app, the developers removed all mention of breasts and boobies and resubmitted it. It’s still the same app, but now it’s nominally purified. So feel free to snap a picture of the cute girl next door, add some wobble magic to the photo, and watch her shake her stuff. Actually, when you put it that way it sounds really creepy.


In all the hullabaloo about the App Store cleansing, many of us forgot the ultimate sexy app on our iDevices: Safari. If the relatively tame stuff Apple used to let through scintillated you, then the things you’ll find on the Internet will blow your mind. Just make sure you’re old enough to look at it, kids.

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