The Oregon Trail: Origins Hands-On

Gameloft revealed a new top-secret project today that tickled our primordial animal brains–The Oregon Trail: Origins!

A quick blurb from the presser:

“Before there were settlers, there were cavemen. Often forgotten, largely ignored, they paved the treacherous roads of the Oregon Trail before there was an Oregon Trail.

Gameloft’s newest title brings The Oregon Trail: Origins to all the wannabe Neanderthals of the 21st century. The game will be available for all platforms.”

We actually received an exclusive early build of the game along with the announcement, and we’ve been playing it all morning. The idea is to transit the Bering Land Bridge from Siberia and make it down to Oregon, before the killer glacier catches up with your party of nomads.

We loved the primitive hoots and growls that pass for the game’s music, and we also have special praise for the sabretooth defense and fire-starting minigames.

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