The NSA Can Spy On You Through Angry Birds

When you play Angry Birds, you never know who might be watching. Today the New York Times published article detailing how the U.S.’s National Security Agency and its British counterpart can collect data through “leaky” smartphone apps–including Angry Birds.

Every time you use an app or play a game that connects to the Internet, certain information is shuttled between your phone and the servers. Depending on the app, this information can include things like GPS data, buddy lists, age, gender, and sexual orientation. In what sounds like many apps, government spy agencies are able to peek into that data.

The article does state that while the documents show that spy agencies have the ability to collect data through apps like Angry Birds, they “do not make explicit whether the spies have put that into practice.”

Click here to read the full article. Then try to relax next time you play Angry Birds.

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