The Next iPhone Game Using Unreal Engine: Dungeon Defenders Mobile

Now that Infinity Blade is tearing up the charts, with iOS gamers everywhere taking inter-generational swipes at the God King, you must be wondering what the next game to bring the Unreal Engine to iPhone will be. Wonder no more: Feast your eyes on the trailer for Dungeon Defenders Mobile.

Dungeon Defenders is a four-player, online-enabled combination of tower defense and action-RPGs. In the first phase of each level, you’ll build towers to attack monsters, but as the monsters arrive, you’ll have to step in and help fight them yourself. Like in any good RPG, you’ll also receive loot that will make you a more effective fighter.

In the video below, you can see four-player co-op across iDevices. Game Center matchmaking will be included in the final product.

Dungeon Defenders Mobile is coming to the App Store later this month, and after reveling in the jaw-dropping visuals of Infinity Blade, we can’t wait to download another Unreal-powered iPhone game. For more info, check out the official website here.

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