The iCade Mobile is Now Available for $69.99

For all the iOS gamers who occasionally curse touchscreen controls, today’s your lucky day: the iCade Mobile is finally available and in-stock over at ThinkGeek. The iCade Mobile is a device that houses your iPhone or iPod Touch and offers physical controls for compatible games, including Mos Speedrun, Temple Run, and more. The catch– there’s always a catch– is that it’ll set you back $69.99.

The iCade, for those not familiar, is a wooden arcade cabinet that houses an iPad and provides physical controls (you can read our review of it here). The iCade mobile will work with all iCade-compatible games, but obviously it isn’t big enough to hold an iPad (though you should still be able to use it to control iPad games over Bluetooth).

We’re still waiting for a few other iCade models that were announced earlier this year, including a new iCade that works with iPads and includes an update to the original’s form factor, the iCade Jr., which is an iPhone-sized version of the original iCade, and the iCade 8-Bitty, a stand-alone NES-style controller that doesn’t house an iOS device at all.

You can buy and read more about the iCade Mobile here. Will you be buying one? Let us know in the comments section below.

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