The Drowning Preview

To coincide with the release of a new video detailing the game’s control scheme, lead developer Ben Cousins chatted with members of the press to share more information about his upcoming free-to-play shooter The Drowning. Watch the video if you haven’t already, and then read ahead to find out more.

According to Cousins, the first, free episode of The Drowning will offer 15 levels set in different locations, with two different gameplay modes in each. These will be attack and defend modes, and an average round might last about two minutes. Ben also told us that The Drowning will contain 10 hours of gameplay, but if you do the math, that means you’d have to play every mode ten times to encounter that much gameplay.


The incentive to replay the levels over and over again seems to come from scavenging and weapon creation. After beating a level, you’ll earn random parts, like glue, duct tape, or a battery. You’ll need five different items to craft each weapon, and there’s a slot-machine like style bonus after each round. There are also over 50 weapons to craft, so Cousins tells us that it could take a hundred gameplay hours to craft every weapon in the game without using in-app purchases.


While we’re skeptical of these claims, The Drowning also offers a different multiplayer option: Boss battles that will require teamwork to complete. Like another DeNA game, Blood Brothers, you’ll have to coordinate attacks on bosses in order to defeat them and earn the best loot. This also seems similar to the ClashMob feature in Infinity Blade 2.


Between the gameplay video and explanation of the mechanics, we’re excited to try out this intriguing-sounding first-person shooter. However, we think that the claims of 10 to 100 hours of gameplay might be exaggerated, and we’ll have to play it for ourselves to be certain. If the action can hold up over many hours and doesn’t turn into a lifeless grind, then we’ll be the first to recommend The Drowning as a successful freemium experiment. Look for The Drowning on the App Store next month.


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