The 7th Guest

The 7th Guest is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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The 7th Guest Teaser Trailer Released

The 7th Guest, an adventure puzzle game from the earliest days of CD-ROM gaming on the PC, is coming to the iPhone in late December. The announcement, along with the trailer below, appeared today on developer Trilobyte’s Facebook page.

The 7th Guest is about six guests who are invited to the mansion of a mad old toy maker name Henry Stauf. The guests, strangers to one another, don’t know why they’ve been invited, but find the mansion deserted, with Stauf nowhere to be found. You play as Ego, an amnesiac who comes to the house later. You watch ghostly scenes of the guests and solve Stauf’s puzzles as you progress through the rooms of the mansion. The game contains a good amount of full-motion video, something home videogames couldn’t offer before the CD-ROM format came into the picture.

Incidentally, you can find a treasure trove of videos on Trilobyte’s Youtube channel, including trailers, reviews, and making-of videos for The 7th Guest and its sequel The 11th Hour, which is also supposed to come to the iPhone at some point.

Many gamers won’t remember The 7th Guest, either because they didn’t have the groundbreaking technology of a CD-ROM drive in 1993, or they hadn’t been born yet. We remember The 7th Guest being an incredibly creepy game that snared our young imaginations and helped shape our minds as gamers. Is our nostalgia coloring our memory of the game, or is it really the incredible, terrifying experience we remember so fondly? We’ll have to wait for Christmas to find out.

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