The 50 Best Game Series on iOS: World of Goo

Today featured game is World of Goo, which may not be part of a major series yet, but it should be. World of Goo is an original combination of puzzles and platforming, where you can combine gooey critters together to create bridges and fuel giant machines. After it launched, one of the developers helped create Little Inferno, which feels like a spiritual successor to World of Goo, even though the mechanics are completely different.

World of Goo

Originally available as a downloadable Nintendo Wii game, World of Goo arrived on the App Store in late 2010 as the perfect app for the iPad’s large touchscreen. You can physically drag and drop your goo around the screen, sticking it to other goo and forming complex chains that will support a tower or bridge. The levels are fun on their own, but you can also reach for the skies by building a giant tower using goo you saved throughout the missions. Charming visuals, intuitive touch gameplay, and truly complex puzzles make this a stand-out game.

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Key Quote: “World of Goo is the quintessential, addictive iPad puzzler. Once you start flinging goo, you’ll never want to stop.”

Little Inferno

One of the creators of World of Goo, Kyle Gabler, joined the team at Tomorrow Corporation to create a game that is distinct from World of Goo, but shares some of its charm and atmosphere. Little Inferno launched earlier this year for iOS, and it’s a game all about burning things. You have to throw different combinations of items into the fire, which creates new objects for you to burn. Originally developed for the Wii U, we played both versions, and preferred it on the iPad. Although it comes close to being a virtual toy, Little Inferno is still worth a try, especially if you enjoy the style of World of Goo.

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Key Quote: “Skirting the line between crazy virtual toy and surprising puzzle game, Little Inferno won’t be a hit with everyone. It’s just too weird and the game play too simplistic– especially at first. For those who do get it, it’s a truly creative and engaging virtual fireplace.”

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