The 50 Best Game Series on iOS: Where’s My Water?

Some of the best game series on iOS, like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope, have a few important features in common. They’re all easy to pick up and play, offer surprising depth and value, and star a cute mascot ready-made for a spin-off TV show or movie. Where’s My Water? from Disney Mobile checks all the right boxes, which made the first game an instant success in 2011.

Where’s My Water?

The first Where’s My Water? was our introduction to Swampy, a friendly-looking alligator who lives in the sewers and wants to take a bath with his rubber duckies. The pipes that provide his water are clogged with dirt and debris, so it’s your job to carve out a pathway for the water to naturally flow into Swampy’s tub. The realistic flow of the water, combined with an easy touch-based digging mechanic, made Where’s My Water? addictive from the very first level. Numerous updates have brought the total number of levels to over 200, and that’s not including the replay value you’ll get from trying to collect every rubber ducky and hidden item in the game.

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Key Quote: “Where’s My Water is one of those wonderful casual games that’s perfectly suited for the iPhone and iPad. It appeals to gamers of all ages, and offers plenty of content for very little money. We expect Where’s My Water to stick around the top selling games list for a while to come.”

Where’s My Perry?

While Where’s My Water? has an engaging central character, Disney eventually decided to release a new version of the game using an existing TV property. Based on the popular show Phineas and Ferb, Where’s My Perry? focuses on a superhero platypus named Perry. Instead of taking a bath, Perry’s goal is to activate his high-tech elevator by flooding the generators with water. With its voice actors from the show and bits of storyline hidden in each level, Where’s My Perry? is a clever companion to the original game.

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Key Quote: “It’s easy for a studio to take a license, quickly churn out a game, and call it a day. However, Where’s My Perry? mostly feels like an authentic experience for fans of the show. All of the characters featured have their original voices from the cartoon, and you are given plenty of opportunities to hear them, which really keeps things lively.”

Where’s My Mickey?

Since the formula of using an existing cartoon character worked so well in Where’s My Perry?, Mickey Mouse became the subject of the next game in this series. Mickey’s reasons for requiring a steady flow of water include running a lemonade stand, tending to his garden, and fighting a fire. Where’s My Mickey? also added a new weather element, which lets you gather and purify water using clouds. The classic animation is top-notch in this game, even if the concept started to feel a bit repetitive.

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Key Quote: “Some players might argue that the Where’s My Water? formula is getting a bit overused, and they wouldn’t be incorrect. That said, it still brings the fun. Where’s My Mickey? looks great and plays well, which makes it an easy recommendation for anyone who’s not thoroughly tired of the dirt pile that Swampy built.”

Where’s My Water? 2

Just a few weeks ago, Disney launched a proper sequel to Swampy’s first adventure. Where’s My Water? 2 is a freemium game, which means you can download it and start playing for zero up-front cost. However, you’ll have to tend with an annoying energy bar, which depletes every time you play a level. If you want to sit and play for hours on end, you’ll have to pay. Otherwise, you’ll just have to put it down and check back at a later time. Where’s My Water? 2 has all the great features we love in the series, like the cute characters and challenging puzzles, but with the added (and unpleasant) challenge of resisting the pay-wall.

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Key Quote: “The free-to-play model isn’t ideal, but it’s less heinous than the one in Candy Crush Saga, where you can’t reasonably progress without buying power-ups. The game is free, and the levels are well constructed and enjoyable to play.”

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