The 50 Best Game Series on iOS: Pix’n Love Rush

Over the years, French publisher Bulkypix has released dozens of top-quality iOS games. Each one is unique, and only a few (like Babel Rising, or Runaway) are part of a series. We wanted to pay tribute to what we feel is their finest mobile game, Pix’n Love Rush, which was developed by Pastagames, makers of Rayman Jungle Run. Pix’n Love Rush is a frantic, charming game that comes in both regular and DX versions, making it a small series that’s still bursting with energy.

Pix’n Love Rush

Pix’n Love Rush is a one-of-a-kind mobile game that mashes together the whole history of gaming while it tests your twitchy reflexes. You play as a pixelated cat who has to run through a series of random challenges, avoiding bats and collecting coins. Every few seconds, the environment will change, forcing you to climb platforms or run to the right at a moment’s notice. Besides its intense visuals (which change as you progress through the levels), Pix’n Love Rush has a variety of modes and highly responsive touch controls. If you love pure gameplay, Pix’n Love Rush was made for you.

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Key Quote: “Love. It’s in the title, and it’s also certainly what we felt after stepping away from Pix’n Love Rush. This is one of the most original casual games we’ve played in a very long time.”

Pix’n Love Rush DX

When the iPad debuted in 2010, Pix’n Love Rush received a deluxe upgrade with Pix’n Love Rush DX. This iPad version reskins your iPad to look like a classic Gameboy and other old-school consoles. As a result, the action runs in a window, but it does create a feeling of nostalgia. The DX version also added a new Cursed mode, which eventually landed on the original version as well. We hope to see more Pix’n Love Rush in the future, because we can’t get enough of its enthusiastic style.

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Key Quote: “Pix’n Love Rush DX is an iPad game worth buying even if you’ve played the original for hours on end. The extended feature set, along with Game Center integration, makes every pixel shine its brightest.”

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