The 50 Best Game Series on iOS: Galaxy on Fire

A great game can invent a brand new world for you to explore, but Galaxy on Fire lets you travel to dozens of worlds, with all the empty space between. This lengthy, complex, and utterly gorgeous sim lets you pilot among the stars, visit far-flung locations, mine asteroids, and blast away space pirates. Between Galaxy on Fire 2 and its extensive add-on pack, Valkyrie, this is one of the best series you can buy for iOS.

Galaxy on Fire 2

We never reviewed the original Galaxy on Fire, which is now available as a free download, so we’ll skip straight to the sequel. If you love escaping into an epic space exploration game, Galaxy on Fire 2 is an incredible value. One purchase gets you a sprawling story, complete with voice acting, and a variety of missions ranging from space combat to resource harvesting. While you’re traveling among the stars, you can enjoy the outstanding views of planets, asteroids, nebulas, and distant stars. Plus, the additional Valkyrie in-app purchase gives you a brand new galaxy, new weapons, and an original storyline that has you working for an interstellar arms dealer.

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Key Quote: “Galaxy on Fire 2 doesn’t break new ground for the space sim genre as a whole, but it nevertheless delivers a console-quality game to iOS. The story is well told, the galaxy is filled with memorable characters, the combat is exciting, and being able to hop out of your ship to do business and talk to strangers makes all the difference in the world– and was something sorely lacking from the original.”

Galaxy on Fire – Alliances


The free-to-play, massively multiplayer follow-up to Galaxy on Fire 2 was just announced earlier this year, and it was originally scheduled to launch this quarter. We’re planning to go hands-on with Alliances as soon as we can, and bring you our impressions. Our hope is that this MMO will continues the series’ excellent production values and gameplay while adding new social features. You can read what’s currently known about Alliances by clicking here.

Tomorrow, we’ll take a look back at the bullet hell shooters of Cave, including Mushihimesama (Bug Princess) and Dodonpachi.

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