The 50 Best Game Series on iOS: G5’s Hidden Object Adventures

Just as action-based games let us test our reflexes, hidden object games allow us to hone our hunter-gatherer skills. Searching for something, whether it’s edible berries on a bush or an important piece of paper on a cluttered desk, is a natural human behavior that can be both challenging and rewarding. G5 Entertainment has published over 100 games on iOS, but some of their most popular games force you to look careful at a crowded scene in order to find something essential. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Mushroom Age

In this wacky, time-traveling adventure, you play as the fiance of a scientist who has mysteriously disappeared. When you reach his lab, you find that he’s been lost in time, forcing you to travel to ancient Greece, the Jurassic Age, and a dystopian future in order to find him and bring him back to the present. In each age, you have to solve hidden object puzzles, like picking up pottery in Socrates’ living room. You’ll also have to play minigames like Hangman, and assemble jigsaw puzzles. Mushroom Age has a great sense of humor, and an excellent balance of different play styles, so it’s a great introduction to the hidden object genre.

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Key Quote: “As far as hidden object games go, it doesn’t get much better than Mushroom Age. Like our previous favorite Nick Chase, Mushroom Age combines a fascinating story, interesting characters, top-notch production values, and quality puzzles with a great deal of variety.”

Romance of Rome

Like Mushroom Age, Romance of Rome has a compelling story that propels you through each set of puzzles. You play as Marcus, a young Roman who wants to move to a higher station in life to impress the emperor’s daughter. To advance, you have to hunt for hidden objects, which will reward you with new clothes and objects that indicate Marcus’s increased status. The graphics aren’t outstanding, but there is a lot of content, and each scene is well-stocked with items that are difficult to locate.

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Key Quote: “Romance of Rome keeps the hidden object gameplay interesting by adding new elements, making it a good choice for those patient enough to play.”

Masters of Mystery: Blood of Betrayal HD

Recently, G5’s games have taken a slightly more macabre turn with murder mysteries like Masters of Mystery and Special Enquiry Detail. In Masters of Mystery: Blood of Betrayal, you are a detective called to the scene of a crime. Each scene is littered with clues, which you have to locate one by one. Once you take the evidence back to the lab, you’ll have to complete minigames like matching license plates or reassembling shredded papers. You can play against a timer, or choose a laid-back “relaxed” mode that gives you all the time you need. The plot is engaging, so if you’re a fan of shows like Bones or CSI, this is a hidden object game made for you.

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Key Quote: “What’s interesting about Blood of Betrayal is that playing it is less like playing a video game and more like sitting down to read a book or watch an episode of a television show. Some of that is the genre and the plot, which would fit neatly into an episode of Bones or a Patricia Cornwell novel.”

Besides hidden objects, G5 has published many other excellent games in other genres as well. We recommend Jack of All Tribes, Virtual City 1 and 2, Jane’s Hotel 2, and Supermarket Mania 2 if you enjoy simulations or time management games.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at an arcade classic that’s even better on mobile– SNK’s Metal Slug series.

This article is part of a series about the best games on iOS, 2008-2013. You can read the rest here.

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