The 50 Best Game Series on iOS: Cut The Rope

From our very first hands-on preview of Cut The Rope, we knew we were looking at something special. It only took a few seconds to grasp the simple mechanics and playful physics in Cut The Rope: You just swipe on the screen to snip a rope, which will feed a hungry monster named Om Nom. Over the years, ZeptoLab has expanded this basic concept with new obstacles that make reaching three stars on each level a true challenge.

Cut The Rope

The original Cut The Rope launched in late 2010, after Angry Birds had started a physics puzzler craze on the App Store. Cut The Rope kept the three-star convention of Angry Birds, but it offered a brand-new gameplay concept that let you toy with gravity in a new way. The first few levels gradually introduce new mechanics, like spikes that will break your candy and bubbles that will make it float to the top of the screen. In addition, Om Nom’s expressive animations are incredibly charming, making us want to learn more about this little monster and his origins.

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Key Quote: “Cut the Rope is a game nearly everyone will enjoy, puzzle enthusiast or not. It packs all the charm, variety, and smart level design you could hope for, while maintaining simplicity of gameplay. In fact, we’d put it right up there with the best casual games on the App Store, like Fragger, Fruit Ninja, and Angry Birds.”

Cut The Rope: Experiments

Expanding on the original game and introducing new mechanics, we felt that 2011’s Cut The Rope: Experiments was a success. With suction cups that let you move ropes wherever you like, and a grappling hook to latch onto falling candy, ZeptoLab had invented even more ways to design devious puzzles. The level of challenge went up for this spin-off, so even experienced handlers would have to work harder to earn a perfect score from Om Nom.

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Key Quote: “Yes, Experiments could easily have been released as an update to the original game. But with all the high-quality content updates ZeptoLab has given us, no one could possibly complain they’ve gotten a bad value for their one-dollar purchase.”

Cut The Rope: Time Travel

On Nom’s latest adventure, released earlier this year, takes him to different time periods where he’ll meet and eat with his own ancestors. In Time Travel, Om Nom hangs out with Viking, Renaissance, and Pirate versions of himself, among others. With two monsters to feed, you also have twice as much falling candy to handle. Each new time period also introduces new challenges, like unbreakable chains in the Viking levels. Cut The Rope: Time Travel offers players a variety of interesting scenarios, making it one of the best puzzle collections you can buy.

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Key Quote: “Cut the Rope: Time Travel doesn’t mess with the series’ formula, but all the new gameplay elements coalesce to create an experience that feels fresh. You may have done it before, but not quite like this.”

Next week, we’ll continue our 50 Best Game Series coverage with Kairosoft’s line of cutesy simulations, including Game Dev Story.

This article is part of a series about the best games on iOS, 2008-2013. You can read the rest here.

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