The 50 Best Game Series on iOS: Chop Chop Ninja

On iOS, developer Gamerizon has created a unique franchise that spans multiple genres. Whether it’s a side-scrolling platformer, an arcade action game, an endless runner, or a casual sports game, Gamerizon has made their mark on the App Store with their diverse Chop Chop series.

Chop Chop Ninja

The first Chop Chop game was Chop Chop Ninja, an action-platformer where you play as a cartoon ninja named Iro-san. The controls are meant to utilize the touchscreen without any onscreen buttons, which can make avoiding pits and slicing enemies a bit of a challenge. While we enjoy Chop Chop Ninja’s unique art style and attempt at innovative controls, later games in the series added significant improvements to this formula.

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Key Quote: “While most platformers use buttons of some sort, Chop Chop Ninja attempts to integrate all of these onto the touchscreen. Unfortunately, with little distinction between what constitutes running and jumping, Iro-san will go tumbling to his death frustratingly often due to the game’s inability to recognize your inputs.”

Chop Chop Runner

Following the success of Canabalt and other auto-running games, Iro-san from Chop Chop Ninja appeared in his own endless runner. With simplified controls, players can worry about timing their jumps without having to control the rest of Iro-san’s movement. You can also jump farther by pressing down on the screen longer. Though there have been many similar running games, Chop Chop Runner is above-average in this crowded genre.

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Key Quote: “As an alternative to Canabalt, Chop Chop Runner is a great choice. It builds on the basic running concept with original ideas and innovative controls, plus plenty of character that is impossible not to like.”

Chop Chop Tennis

The leap from feudal Japan to modern-day tennis courts is perplexing, but when you’ve got a successful brand, you try to find new ways to utilize it. Gamerizon’s next Chop Chop game was all about tennis, and even though it drops you in without much assistance, it’s still a quick, fun game. Like in Wii Sports, your tennis stars positioned themselves on the court automatically, so you only have to worry about timing your swipes to return the ball. Chop Chop Tennis is memorable for its rounded cartoon characters, who were rendered in 3D for the first time in the series.

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Key Quote: “Getting into long back and forth volleys against the computer becomes increasingly intense as they go on. You know one of you is going to slip up, but you don’t know when. And there’s nothing quite like being down by several points and making a glorious comeback to win the game.”

Chop Chop Soccer

Like Chop Chop Tennis, Chop Chop Soccer is a simplified sports game starring the same stubby characters. With a smaller soccer field, you can only have four players on your team, which leads to quicker matches. The controls are kept simple, with just one finger required for movement and shooting. Once again, it was the art style that impressed us the most, although the fun background locations and fast action also kept us interested.

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Key Quote: “No one could argue that Chop Chop Soccer is on the same page as FIFA, but that’s because it’s more of an arcade-sports game than anything else.”

Chop Chop Caveman

While returning to its platforming roots, Chop Chop Caveman introduced a new character– a thick-headed Cro-Magnon man who turns all of his dinosaur enemies into meat. Although we had some issues with the controls at first, Gamerizon eventually added a virtual D-pad that made the gameplay more precise. The graphics are incredibly appealing, and the environmental puzzles are simple but help mix up the action.

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Key Quote: “Chop Chop Caveman is graphically sharp, and fun in small doses.”

Chop Chop Kicker

Taking over yet another genre, Chop Chop Kicker is a long-distance launching game, similar to Flight! or Fly Kiwi, Fly. It stars the caveman from Chop Chop Caveman, and the premise couldn’t be any simpler. You start by head-butting a dinosaur, then steer it towards boosts and away from obstacles. You can also draw a rainbow pathway on the screen to guide your dino, but only in limited amounts. Compared to other games in this genre, Chop Chop Kicker looks unique, but it has a limited amount of content.

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Key Quote: “Chop Chop Kicker is as easy as pterodactyl pie, though beating your best scores obviously becomes a pretty intense challenge down the road. It’s a fun game to sink into for a few hours thanks in part to its cute presentation.”

Chop Chop Slicer

In what we consider the strongest Chop Chop game in the whole series, Chop Chop Slicer takes its inspiration from Fruit Ninja and Slice It!, two App Store bestsellers. You play as an astronaut trying to fend off an alien invasion. As aliens approach you, you can slice them in half, earning bonus damage and points for making your cuts perfectly symmetrical. This combination of speed and accuracy is exactly what this action game needed for extra depth.

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Key Quote: “We’ve seen Fruit Ninja clones before, and they often fail to impress us. But Chop Chop Slicer’s stroke of genius is incorporating the slice percentages from Slice It!, which completely changes the feeling of the game.”

If you still want more Chop Chop Ninja after trying these games, check out Gamerizon’s huge freemium platformer, Chop Chop Ninja World.

Tomorrow, we’ll usher Square Enix’s classic Final Fantasy series into our 50 Best Game Series list.

This article is part of a series about the best games on iOS, 2008-2013. You can read the rest here.

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