The 10 Funniest iPhone Game Trailers

Overly dramatic voice-overs, exciting feature sets, and stylish graphics are all important aspects of a very serious iPhone game trailer. But what about the trailers that don’t use any of those tricks to grab your attention? These ten trailers use sharp humor to sell their games, and we think they’re the funniest on the web.

The Hero – Chillingo

Being a superhero isn’t easy: the parties, the magazines, the endless adoration. In this trailer, The Hero looks back on his life in the spotlight. With a creepy police informer distortion altering his voice, you can’t help but feel bad for this superman in tights.

Steve Young Football – Vaporware Labs

We love the 90s, especially parodies of the TV commercials that still stand out in our memories when the Saturday morning cartoons have all gone. This astoundingly weird spoof of the My Buddy ad has a brain-worm jingle AND a creepy ‘kid’ with a mustache. In other words, it’s the whole package.

Archetype – Villain

How many times have you had thoughts about violently assaulting Ashton Kutcher? Apparently the team behind Archetype are not big fans of Dude, Where’s My Car?, because they want to fight Ashton in a round of deathmatch. We can understand, though: With Ashton’s 5 million Twitter followers, a public feud would be the ultimate free publicity.

Angry Birds – Rovio

The Mighty Eagle of Angry Birds told us that he wants Angry Birds to follow the Mickey Mouse strategy, becoming an immortal entertainment icon. But this trailer is more Loony Tunes than Disney, complete with a Merry Melodies soundtrack, hand-drawn animation, and a bit of vintage flicker.

Crazy Test – Tactile Entertainment

Sitting in an office all day might make you want to strip down to your underpants, put on a metal helmet, and stop traffic. We love this goofy video for the Warioware-style Crazy Test, partly because it perfectly matches the vibe of the game.

Across Age (Choco Puffs) – FDG Entertainment

Dramatic voice-overs are the perfect fodder for comedy, especially when all you want is to enjoy your Choco Puffs. Nothing should ever be that dramatic, even if it is your destiny.

Across Age (Billy the Butterfly)- FDG Entertainment

After Gamevil released an unintentionally hilarious Butterfly Girl video which tediously explains the features of Zenonia 2, FDG shot back with a less sexy but much funnier video starring Billy the Butterfly. He manages to turn several of Across Age’s drawbacks into advantages, like combat so simple you don’t have to put down your beer.

Eggs in Space – The Lonely Bee Games

With a recent salmonella scare affecting the US egg market, we have to say that if you open your fridge and find your eggs are making pissed-off faces at you, it’s time to throw them out.

Fruit Ninja – Halfbrick Studios

Fruit Ninja may not need a clever Youtube trailer to sell downloads, but it helps. This Fruit Ninja ad, which was followed up by several more, imparts one very important lesson that they don’t teach you in school: Ninjas hate fruit.

Monster Dash– Halfbrick Studios

From the makers of the Fruit Ninja ads came another clever concept: Barry Steakfries, a running, jumping badass with a shotgun, has to waste every type of classic horror zombie throughout the day. But he’s a busy guy, so he also finds time to go shopping for steak.

Are there any more hilarious iPhone game trailers that we missed? Which of these is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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