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TETRIS® for iPad is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Tetris for iPad Review

At this point, another Tetris is probably not going to get anyone giddy with excitement, but it’s also not likely to be completely overlooked by gamers either. The fact remains that after nearly 30 years, Tetris remains a truly great game and the king of casual gaming in general. EA hasn’t forgotten the series’ eternal popularity and has been busily releasing as many versions as possible in recent years. So, here’s one mainly aimed at iPads– especially the newest one.

Aside from a super sharp presentation on Retina-equipped iPads, this latest version of falling blocks includes a couple interesting modes specific to touchscreens that first showed up in the latest iPhone version. Both of these modes give you a specific block to drop, but offer you a limited choice of places to actually drop it. The screen shows outlines of possible positions, and the player simply taps on the best choice.

It’s still Tetris.

It sounds limiting, but actually adds a nice distinction to the general Tetris gameplay, since it turns the classic block dropping into a different sort of puzzle game. In Galaxy mode, the game offers an array of ever-increasing pre-set levels to puzzle out this way, grading you based on how few moves it took to empty the screen. One-touch mode uses this same gameplay, but in an endless mode.

Beyond these new modes, there’s the standard marathon mode, which has graced Tetris since the start. The problem with Tetris for iPad is simply that there’s not enough to warrant a new purchase if you already have the game. EA still hasn’t implemented a multiplayer mode, which is what’s truly needed to breathe new life into the iOS versions. On any console platform, a developer wouldn’t dream of releasing Tetris without multiplayer. For the premium price of $7, iOS gamers should expect nothing less.

If you haven’t bought Tetris yet and really want it on your tablet, this is still a very mechanically-sound version of the game. The new touch modes are a nice addition, and the core gameplay is still superb. Without multiplayer, however, the value of the game as a whole is definitely hurt.

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