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Tetris Blitz is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Tetris Blitz Review

I used to be completely addicted to Tetris, but over the years it has faded into the background. It’s one of those games that you can get more out of in five minutes than you ever could in one hour. Many of the best puzzle games these days are much faster, shinier, and more dynamic, which are some of the reasons I enjoy Bejeweled Blitz. In Tetris Blitz, the classic puzzle game has been updated to follow the same formula of speed, explosions, and shiny things.

Each game of Tetris Blitz lasts two minutes, and is about using a combination of power-ups and “Frenzy Mode,” where every line you get is worth two times the amount of points, to create cascades of falling blocks, and rack up the highest score you can. After each game, you’re shown how many lines you created, your score multiplier, and how many coins you collected.


The coins you collect can be used to buy power-ups, which you can choose before each game starts. The power-ups you select can give five seconds of extra time (Time Shift), break apart random lines (Lasers), or can give you a little more room to work (Quake, and Magnet). If you find that you’re not collecting coins fast enough by just playing, you can go to the in-game store and purchase a boat load of coins with real money, if you’re into that sort of thing. The other option is to log in with your Facebook account, and you’ll get 50,000 coins for your efforts.

Tetris Blitz is free to play, and aside from the occasional ads, you’re still getting the full experience. The only real complaint I have is about the pricing of the in-app purchases. Paying $4.99 to get rid of the ads in an app is pretty reasonable, but paying the same price to hold an extra Tetrimino piece in case I need it later? Or paying $1.99 for a power-up I already have access to with in game currency? Some of those options are way over-priced.

Tetris Blitz is a short burst experience worth having. It’s fun, it’s quick, and if you can look past its unsavory freemium trappings, it ought to satisfy your modern puzzle needs.

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