Tengami Hands-On Preview

PAX 2013 has a strong indie gaming presence this year, especially in the mobile gaming space. While walking the floor today, we had the pleasure of spending time with Tengami, an adventure game that utilizes Japanese-style art modeled as a pop-up book.

The characters and environments in Tengami look like hand-cut paper craft come to life. You must tap and drag pieces of the environment to interact with them and progress through the game.


The short demos on display at PAX featured “Forest” and “Ocean,” levels. The Ocean level is a serene and gorgeous series of cliffs floating in the paper ocean. After following a trail through caves and cliffs, the player must solve a mountain path puzzle that involves multiple pieces of the pop-up environment. You must flip the pages and connect the paths and reach the other side to continue.


While the game itself is very relaxing, the Ocean puzzle is pretty challenging. After the mountain path puzzle is complete, the player must reconstruct a boat to cross to another island. Traversing the ocean is smooth and calming and presents a great opportunity to soak in the time and effort the artists spent to build this world.

Tengami is currently in development. There is no hard release date yet, but it will definitely be on our radar here at Slide to Play.

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