Ten to Watch: Wednesday, September 7

It’s been another staggering week of iPhone game releases, and you probably want some help sorting through what’s the most interesting. Here’s our list of ten games you should keep an eye on this week.

Bloons Tower Defense

Price: $2.99

The tower defense genre is one of the most crowded spaces on the iPhone, but Bloons Tower Defense has reignited our passion with its casual style and entertaining gameplay. Laser-shooting superhero monkeys and boomerang ninja monkeys are just two of the possible towers you can create to pop oncoming bloons. Our review will be up in the near future, but for now read our preview for further impressions.

Toy Bot Mini Missions

Price: $3.99

IUGO’s Toy Bot saga continues in the latest installment of robot madness, Toy Bot Mini Missions. Much like the title suggests, you are given bite-sized levels to work through. However, they are pretty difficult, and the controls are a little clunky at times. So, how does this title live up to the earlier installations in the series? Our review will let you know.


Price: $2.99

Even though it’s pricey, Canabalt has still managed to climb the charts, and for good reason, too. The widespread appeal of this simple, ultra-polished casual gem is undeniable. To play, all you need to do is tap the screen to make your little man jump. Quick taps will make smaller leaps, and the responsive controls help your accuracy. The post-apocalyptic themed pixel graphics and sheer speed of the game really show the device’s capabilities as well. There are no online high scores at this point, but posting your distance on Twitter has already taken off.

Mr. Mahjong Touch

Price: $4.99

Mr. Mahjong Touch is that rare, genre-defining game. Up until this point, not a lot of Mahjong games have caught our attention the way this one has. The slick controls, immersive soundtrack and graphics, and upgrade system make for an addicting experience. On top of this, though, the game is challenging enough to keep you busy, and you can always work your way through other levels if you become frustrated. FDG has impressed us again, and we are even more anxious for their upcoming RPG Across Age now.


Price: $0.99

If you were a glob of jelly, what is the first thing you would do? Go on a crazy space adventure by jumping around platform-filled levels, of course! This is exactly what Mr. Jelly does, and the game’s dragging mechanic to move the protagonist around is quite unique. There are only nine levels, but we found ourselves charmed by the main alien in our time with the game.


Price: $2.99

Igloo games, the creators of Dizzy Bee and Bed Bugs, are back with a new take on the Match-3 genre. In Flipside, tiles have two sides with different symbols on them. Your goal is to match three or more of the same symbol on your side, but there is a catch: if tiles on the opposite side match up, you will lose points or the round, depending on the game mode you’re playing. Players who simply want to dive into the game or want to play pre-made puzzles will have a ball with this unique title.

Galcon Labs

Price: $0.99

The long-awaited sequel to Phil Hassey’s infamous classic, Galcon, is finally out and better than ever. Not only does this game include virtually all the core features of the original, but Galcon Labs also has four new modes: billiards, stealth, assassin, and crash. If you’ve never played Galcon before, we recommend giving this a shot.

Cocoto Kart Online

Price: $0.99

Krazy Kart Racers has some serious competition with Cocoto Kart Online offering an equal amount of fun for 1/8 of the price. Eurocenter, well known for DinoSmash Online, Bomber Online, and Adrenaline Golf Online, has gone beyond great online multiplayer this time, however, with a full single-player campaign and unlockable characters. Those who have yet to pick up a similar title may want to check this one out first.

Backbreaker Football

Price: $0.99

It may not be a full-fledged football game like NFL 2010 or Madden 10, but Backbreaker Football is a running minigame sports fans will likely discover a craving for. Your goal is to run 100 yards with the football without being tackled by the other team. The graphics really show what the device is capable of. For $0.99, it is hard not to go for the touchdown with this title.


Price: $0.99

This is not just Gourmet, this… is… Gourmania! In an interesting mix of genres, you must find hidden ingredients needed for the orders made by customers. If you cannot muster (mustard?) up the goods in a timely fashion, though, your business will suffer. We enjoyed this game, and time management fans could find themselves addicted to this hunt through an unorganized kitchen.

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