Ten to Watch: Wednesday, September 30

Every week we dive into the newest iPhone games and come up with ten that you should be paying attention to. You may not need to buy them all, but this list will give you an idea of all the interesting things happening in this bustling industry.

Baseball Superstars 2010

Price: $5.99

In our preview earlier this month, Baseball Superstars 2010 impressed us. Now that the game is available for purchase, we recommend baseball fans pick this up, as it just about surpasses every other fully-fledged sports game on the iPhone at this time. Our full review will be out shortly, but we can already recommend purchasing this title.

Lumines – Touch Fusion

Price: $2.99

After Irides (formerly Blocks2) surfaced on the App Store, we yearned for the real deal: Lumines. Now it’s out, and we are a little unsure. On one hand, this is the Lumines we all know and love. Music-integrated gameplay and tons of personality constantly burst through. However, the controls are very tough to master. In this sense, it could take a few lessons from Irides. So, does Lumines still shine through, or do these issues hurt its value? The verdict is in.

Elven Chronicles

Price: $3.99

We have seen our fair share of action RPGs for the iPhone, but Elven Chronicles is the first attempt at a turn-based battle system like Final Fantasy or Chrono Trigger. Like the latter, battles are initiated by bumping into enemy sprites on the field, but the game feels a lot like FF in other regards. The developer boasts 20 hours of gameplay, and from what we have played so far we are enjoying ourselves.

Dungeon Hunter

Price: $6.99

Gameloft’s Dungeon Hunter is back in the App Store after about a two-week withdrawal issue due to a nasty crash bug on the Forge level. We can confirm that the game is now fully functional. When we previewed the game earlier this month, we touched on many of its finer features. Three unique classes, five fairies with different powers, skill trees, and random loot drops all play a big part in this Diablo clone. We don’t want to give away our opinion just yet, but Gameloft may finally be learning how to make a clone with personality.

Family Guy: Uncensored

Price: $4.99

Family Guy: Uncensored, the officially licensed mobile game for the hit TV show, has finally hit the App Store. In it, you play as a variety of characters, ranging from Peter Griffin to Quagmire to Stewie, through forty minigame levels (seven different minigames total, plus more to come in updates). It’s almost like playing through an episode of the show, with cutscenes and dialogue between levels. Unfortunately, there are no voiceovers, but Family Guy fans will still get a kick out of this humorous minigame collection.

Peter und Vlad

Price: $2.99

Today’s common consumer enjoys German words just as much as path drawing games. Put the two together and you are bound to get a hit’¦ right? Well, if you like herding sheep (not exactly our sport of choice), you’ll fit right into the niche audience Peter und Vlad aims to entertain. You play as Peter, a troubled farmer whose sheep have gone wild and scattered themselves around your field. Unfortunately for you, the crazy scientist Vlad has had another of his inventions gone wrong, this time creating a sheep-sucking storm. By directing Peter around the touch screen in Flight Control style, the sheep will move away from you (and hopefully toward the barn). No doubt it is a unique concept, but the game feels a bit clunky due to speed issues and annoying sheep AI. Some path-drawing enthusiasts may love Peter und Vlad, but others may not be quite so excited.

Horror Racing

Price: $2.99

In this frightful top-down racer from NEWFX Games and Chillingo, it’s all about blowing up your opponents to take the lead. As you speed through courses with your monster of choice, you collect different types of guns and weapons to demolish foes that stand between you and the gold medal. You control the game with a wheel that acts much like the movement stick for a dual-stick shooter, and the presentation is pretty enjoyable. Even at just a few bucks, the price may be a bit steep for some, so we recommend waiting for our upcoming review.

Real Soccer 2010

Price: $6.99

Much like Gamevil’s efforts with the Baseball Superstars series, Gameloft has released the next installment in the Real Soccer franchise. This time, there are some major differences. First of all, there is online and Bluetooth multiplayer, which is something not usually seen in Gameloft games. Also, the graphics and controls have been updated, along with a full team roster with real players and 245 teams (spread across eight leagues). There isn’t much competition in the soccer/football space at the time, but we hope to have a review up in the near future.

Brain Challenge 2: Think Again!

Price: $4.99

Wait, another Gameloft game? Yep, and not only that, but another sequel! This time, train your brain yet again with a whole new collection of minigames and special unlockables to twist your mind around. There are 38 in total, plus new modes including stress and visual training. There is also more customization, with four coaches and personalized avatars. If you enjoyed the original or need to keep your mind alert, this will suit you perfectly.

Bowman Defense

Price: $0.99

Bowman Defense is the latest in the castle defense craze, and a particularly good one at that. You play a lone archer standing atop the last remaining tower, fending off the hoards of enemies as they storm the gates. Special arrows such as flame, stop, and bomb bring in a good amount of strategy, and the minimalist graphics do the game justice. After this and Ancient War, we cannot wait to see what else Triniti Interactive has in store for the future.

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