Ten to Watch: Wednesday, September 21

This week has been a big one for us: we have bumped up our daily story output! Due to this, we are also able to expand our coverage. Most of the following titles mentioned in this week’s column have full reviews coming in the not-too-distant future, but here are some early impressions.

Earthworm Jim

Price: $4.99

We have discussed Gameloft’s cloning strategy for some time now. This time, however, they have the rights to one of the most memorable SNES and Genesis titles: Earthworm Jim. This is a straight port from the original with new, high-res graphics. The d-pad control scheme Gameloft is well known for is in full swing here. Whether you enjoyed the original or never played it, this is worth a look. Feel free to read over our preview as well.

Rock Band

Price: $9.99

The console multi-instrument rhythm phenomenon is back, but now you can fit in in your pocket. Each of the four different instruments (drums, guitar, bass, and vocals) has four frets that you tap when a note crosses underneath them. However, with one less fret than the consoles and no extreme difficulty level, the game might be too easy for some. There are in-app purchases for bonus track packs, plus a couple which are free to download. If you are a music game fan, this game will probably please you a lot. We just posted our final verdict here.


Price: $4.99

Rake In Grass, three-time Slide To Play ‘Must Have’ winners, have released their much anticipated old school turn-based RPG, Undercroft. In our preview, we found the game to have an excellent aesthetic, many hours of gameplay, and lots of hardcore appeal. You can use up to four characters at once, each of which is fully customizable down to their bonus attributes. This is likely not for the casual crowd, but we highly recommend giving out the lite a try to make sure this is your cup of tea.


Price: $3.99

In the vein of Castle Crashers comes Tap-Fu, a side-scrolling beat-em-up where you play a young karate kid on a mission to save his master’s candy from the dangerous ninjas of the SweetTooth clan. Witty dialogue and great gesture controls only last for so long due to limited content upon release. More episodes are likely to come as free updates in the future. However, this game is otherwise well put together. So, do the cons overshadow all of the game’s pros? Check back in the coming days to find out!

Dark Nebula – Episode One

Price: $0.99

Dark Nebula is a top-down marble rolling game that puts you into a space factory of some sort and has you roll through deadly obstacles and solve environmental puzzles while staying on the ledge. The tilt controls are some of the best we have seen, which is a big compliment considering how many games implement the feature. Much like Tap-Fu, though, this is only the first episode in a series so the content is quite limited. For only $0.99, though, this game is a breath of fresh air. You can read our full preview here.

Archon: Conquest

Price: $0.99

We reviewed the remake of the original Archon a while back and found it somewhat lacking. However, Archon: Conquest is a whole new animal. The general gameplay is primarily the same, but four lengthy story-driven campaigns and tons of special, challenging scenarios constantly change things up. There is still no online multiplayer, but Plus+ and all its great features are included. In our minds, this is the Archon that should have originally been released.

Boost 3D

Price: $1.99

Tunnel games are plentiful on the App Store, but most of them are unimpressive. Boost 3D is quite different, with great controls and stylized graphics. Whitewashed walls with colorful blocks are really vibrant and full of life. Different gameplay mechanics such as speeding up and smashing through blocks add some interesting elements. The best part of it, though, is how the tube cuts into a half pipe and even turns inside out so you are racing down the outside of it as you get deeper into the game. OpenFeint scoring is available for those who want some competition.

A Lyndon Wicked Tale: Red Rage

Price: $0.99

We all know the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, but what happens after the fact? Apparently the polite girl from the classic tale has gone crazy and been sent to an insane asylum. When the Wolf’s family decides to kidnap Granny, though, she immediately breaks out of her captivity in rage and embarks with the three little pigs on a side-scrolling platformer in the style of Zombieville USA. The story is absolutely ridiculous but witty, and excellent aesthetics help a lot. Different weapons, such as a bloodied axe, and special attacks help keep Red Rage from being too typical. If this is a genre that you are interested in, we think you should try this out.

2XL ATV Offroad

Price: $7.99

From the makers of the impressive 2XL Supercross comes an ATV supercross game that brings console-quality graphics straight to your device. There’s a lot of content, from unlockable vehicles to a lengthy campaign among many gameplay modes. For those who like multiplayer and online leaderboards, this game also includes those. We especially enjoyed the highly customizable accelerometer controls. A review should be up soon for those cautious due to the high price.

Mr. Bounce

Price: $0.99

In this breakout game, you must hit around a square ball (similar to that of Squareball) and smash through as many objects as possible. Every time your ball comes down, you can precisely aim it with a special line. Also, you can drag a horizontal bar up and down to decide the highest point your ball can hit. Even with this high level of control, don’t expect anything too easy. We are still in the early stages of playing this one, but so far we are enjoying it.

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