Ten To Watch: Wednesday, September 16

We might as well call this ‘games we previewed get released’ week. These included Dexter, Meteor Blitz, geoDefense Swarm, South Park Mega Millionaire, and Silent Swords. But that isn’t the least of it. Here is a rundown of just ten of the notable titles released this week.

Krazy Kart Racers

Price: $7.99

We are admittedly a little late on this one, but we couldn’t help but mention the best Mario Kart clone on the iPhone to date. With an array of charismatic characters, including Frogger and the Power Pros Touch batter, you race through multiple tournaments on different difficulty levels. Perhaps what is most intriguing about the title is the online multiplayer. However, this game is on the premium side of the spectrum, meaning you may want to wait for our evaluation.

Toy Bot Diaries Compilation

Price: $3.99

It is by no small measure that we enjoyed all three games in the Toy Bot Diaries series, IUGO’s breakthrough series that has spawned other titles such as Spy Bot Chronicles and an upcoming puzzle title. For those who still haven’t jumped on the bandwagon we cannot recommend this highly enough. For $3.99, the price we paid for just one of the chapters when they launched, you get the entire series in one nifty app. You’ll find a lot of hours of gameplay in this package.


Price: $1.99

Toki, not to be confused with a certain yellow chicken with high-tech gadgets, is one ape of a game. What exactly does that mean, you may ask? Well, for one, you are a prehistoric man turned monkey by a magician. Also, the game is very trial-and-error, with challenges that will easily nip you in the butt on your first run through. This 1989 action platformer that has been featured on classic consoles such as the NES, Commodore 64, Amiga, Atari, and so on has been rehashed on the iPhone, and we are extremely pleased about it.

geoDefense Swarm

Price: $0.99

The geoDefense series is set apart from other tower defense games by one major factor: it is insanely hard, but extremely balanced. Swarm, an open field variation on one of the App Store’s most popular TD games, is no exception. You will constantly find yourself frantically upgrading and slapping down towers to prevent some tough enemies from passing by. Plus, flashy graphics have always helped. If you want a deeper look, check out our preview.

Dexter The Game

Price: $5.99

After a year in development and multiple hands-on articles, the iPhone exclusive Dexter game based on the TV show has finally lurked onto the App Store. After spending some time with the final product, we were surprised by the excellent graphics, animations, voiceovers, and plentiful cutscenes. On top of this, there is a major horror and mystery element to the game, with a storyline and journal to keep evidence. For those who enjoy the show, this is a no-brainer. Everybody else: stay tuned for our review.

Meteor Blitz

Price: $1.99

Meteors are surrounding a multitude of planets and your job as a space fighter pilot is to destroy them before they cause mass destruction. Surviving for five rounds to get to the next level is not easy, though. To aid the meteors are bomb-tossing vessels, spinning ships, and many more versatile enemies. We really enjoyed this game in our preview, but will it be able to compete with Alive 4-Ever as our favorite dual-stick shooter?


Price: $0.99

Origin8 of Sentinel fame have taken on castle defense this time around. By drawing certain gestures on the screen, certain attacks such as hacks and lightning bolts can be summoned. There is also full OpenFeint integration, sporting achievements and leaderboards. Check out our upcoming review for a closer look at this game.

Silent Swords

Price: $2.99

Ninjas are assassins of the night, carefully stalking their vulnerable enemies in the shadows. Silent Swords does this just right, with a control scheme unlike any other (and it suits its purpose perfectly). Instead of action sequences, the levels in this game are almost puzzle-like. You must quickly tap arrows to move, shake the device to hop up walls, and perform gestures on the screen to slash unsuspecting foes, all as you escape your prison. Our preview further covers this game.


Price: $1.99

RocketFuse is a physics game that will have you attaching dynamite to a stationary rocket in order to launch it through a winding tunnel and into the air. Tapping adds a small rocket with a short lifespan, but dragging will expand it with a burning rope, creating timed power surges. Messing around with the physics engine is a lot of fun, but many will likely not find the concept deep enough to be worth their money. Still, we enjoyed this game.


Price: $0.99

Memovator is a simple concept that is quite different than what we normally see on the App Store. Different people will walk into an elevator, telling you which floor they would like to get off at. All of a sudden, their talk bubble disappears and you are left with only your memory and quick reflexes as you tap the screen to stop at the right floor. Once you make a mistake, the customer will get angry and it’s game over. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be online scoring, but multiple unlockable levels should keep you playing.

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