Ten to Watch: Wednesday, October 28

It has been yet another busy week on the App Store, and as always we have compiled a list of ten interesting games we think may pique your interest.

Rally Master Pro 3D

Price: $6.99

When we first saw Rally Master Pro 3D, it seemed like a possible successor to Real Racing. However, while it turned out not to be a full racing game, it is definitely on-par as far as graphics go. High levels of detail and crisp models for each car and track stand out among other racers on the iPhone. The gameplay is all about speed, but no other cars are on the track at the same time as you. We will have a review soon, but so far we’re impressed by the experience.

33rd Division

Price: $0.99

We previously declared Harbor Master the king of path drawing games, but 33rd Division looks like it could knock that crown right off its head. As we stated in our preview, there are a lot of small details and original gameplay mechanics packed into this game. Four challenging maps and two modes all require different strategies, plus OpenFeint brings tons of achievements and leaderboards. Our review is coming soon, but we think you can purchase this game with confidence.

Anna Montana

Price: $1.99

If you have ever wondered who cleans up the houses of sitcom stars, Anna Montana is your backstage pass. This game has nothing to do with a similarly named TV pop star, but instead you must clean up after lookalikes of familiar faces. We covered the gameplay in some depth in our preview. Since housework is a chore most people play games to get away from, though, you may want to wait for our review.

NBA Live

Price: $9.99

The latest in their quickly growing line of sports titles, EA’s NBA Live is the first full basketball game to surface on the iPhone. From what we’ve played so far, the trademark has held up quite well. Real players and teams, season-long campaigns, and simple controls all impressed us, although we would have liked to see multiplayer of some kind. Basketball fans are sure to really enjoy this game, though.


Price: $4.99

The classic board game Settlers of Catan has already stood the test of time with its deep and strategic gameplay. This new version for the iPhone is built specifically for the device and comes with new graphics and lots of charm. You can play against one of the skillful AI opponents or pass around the device for hotseat multiplayer. If this game makes you feel nostalgic, we recommend picking it up.

5 Minutes to Kill (Yourself)

Price: $2.99

You know those days when you want to kill yourself because of continuous meetings? If so, 5 Minutes to Kill (Yourself) is an extremist portrayal of your workday. After getting an email about a new meeting, you must kill yourself with various objects around the office in just five minutes. From staplers to getting beaten by clowns in stalls to putting your head in a paper shredder, there are numerous ways to die. However, after a few plays through you will have likely seen everything available, so many will want to stay away due to the price.

Boxhead – The Zombie Wars

Price: $1.99

Boxhead is who John Gore would be if he were caught up in a zombie invasion. In this title, you use a joypad to move around your survivor and press a red button to mow down unwanted undead. There are three maps and difficulty levels to test your ability, but ultimately it is all more of the same. We wanted to like this game more than we did, but ultimately it felt a little under-produced.

Groovin’ Blocks

Price: $1.99

In an interesting mesh of genres, Groovin’ Blocks is a musically driven Match-3 game. The gameplay is primarily a variation on Tetris, but there is a catch: as beats to the music come along the sides of the screen, you must drop blocks to get bonus points or activate powerups. It’s unique in this sense and gives the genre a pick-up-and-play feel due to its shorter sessions, but unfortunately there is no online scoring. Our final verdict is on the way.

Pickin’ Time

Price: $1.99

The Iconfactory’s latest game is fun for the whole family. Anybody from young kids to grandparents can catch onto its simple concept of simply tapping your assigned fruit or vegetable on the screen. This isn’t as easy as it seems, though, as many share similar colors or shapes. Hotseat and Bluetooth multiplayer with up to 21 people are great for parties. There isn’t much single-player content, though, so only get this if the multiplayer interests you.

Alice in Bomberland

Price: $1.99

Many of us know the story of Alice in Wonderland by the novel and Disney movie, but what if it included bombs? This explosive and vulgarity-filled twist on the classic adventure is both humorous and entertaining. The gameplay is all about avoiding bombs: whether you are falling down a well, stuck in the tiny forest, or partying with teacups, bombs are flying every which way. Continuity is an issue, though, as many times the given minigame does not fit with the story. A review is coming soon for this obscure yet satisfying title.

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