Ten to Watch: Wednesday, October 14

It’s another Wednesday, and that means a new Ten to Watch. This week has been huge, with Tap Tap Revenge 3 and Tweetie 2, which we will have impressions of soon, topping the charts instantly after their arrival on the App Store. Here are some of the other games you may have missed.

Mystery Mania

Price: $3.99

When the previously unannounced EA game Mystery Mania snuck onto the App Store, nobody quite knew what to expect. After spending some time with this puzzle and adventure game combination, we were immersed by its unique graphical style and cryptic storyline. If you want to try it out before reading our upcoming review, EA also did something they seldom do: release a lite version.

Shrek Kart

Price: $4.99

Gameloft’s anticipated kart racer has taken its place in a quickly growing sub-genre. Based on the Shrek movies, you can play as characters like Donkey, the Gingerbread Man, and even the baby ogres. There is a good deal of personality, but the lack of voice acting is disappointing. Also, online multiplayer is absent. The game is fun otherwise, though. We’ll have a review for you soon.

Bailout Wars

Price: $0.99

Although we may know Gameloft as a serious game developer, they also have their silly side. In this case, they are making political statements with their castle defense game, Bailout Wars. As stockbrokers, CEOs, and other government enemies march to the White House to steal money, you can flick, shake, and crush them. There are also special units to deploy like Uncle Sam, a sniper, and a tank to help save our capitol’s capital. At $0.99 this is a budget game, so if you like castle defense games you’ll find something new here.

Piyo Blocks

Price: $0.99

On the surface, Piyo Blocks looks like your average Match-3 game, but it’s not until you open up this game that you notice how much personality it has. The goal is to match at least three Piyos of the same color and meet all the color requirements for each level. It’s pretty addicting, but the replay value is hurt by the lack of online scoring. If you aren’t burned out on this genre, Piyo Blocks is worth a look.


Price: $1.99

Since its release, this gravity-based platformer has gained acclaim from both the press and community alike. You play Soosiz, a circular character, who is on a mission to save his siblings. The levels get progressively more complex as you move along, and the ability to walk 360 degrees around a platform to change the gravity is quite unique. Our review is coming soon, but so far we have enjoyed our time with this game.

Pang Mobile

Price: $2.99

Arcade game remakes are plentiful on the App Store, so Pang Mobile is not surprising in the least. In this 80s arcade game, you play as a hip kid with special guns that shoot straight up to pop bubbles. These then split into smaller bubbles and eventually disappear. There are four difficulty levels, although even on the lowest setting the game ramps up very quickly. If this stirs nostalgia for you, it’s probably worth picking up.

TouchSports Batting 1000

Price: $0.99

As the first game Digital Chocolate is publishing for another developer on the App Store, TouchSports Batting 1000 is rendered in full 3D and built from the ground up for iPhone. The concept is great: you must swing the bat at the ball with a swiping method similar to that used in Madden 10 and Tiger Woods PGA Tour and try to get it as far as possible. Much like Baseball Slugger, this is a Home Run Rally game where you have ten tries to get the highest score possible. If you enjoyed Madden or Tiger Woods, you’ll probably like this one as well.

Solitaire: Deck of Cods

Price: $1.99

Fishing and Solitaire have never been two pastimes that we have put together, but Namco thinks differently. In this game, you are given some crazy solitaire formations and asked to stack cards. If you have stacked at least three cards before flipping over to the next base, you will catch a fish of proportional size. Different levels require different goals, such as catching fish of a certain size or quantity. We enjoyed this unique experience, but if you still aren’t sold on the concept, wait for our upcoming review.


Price: $0.99

Stick figure ninja jump-kick! This will be the only thing on your mind after walking away from Stick-Fu, a side-scroller where you play as a stick figure trained in karate. As you lay down combos on your foes, you will get the chance to use a special move. These include aerial kicks, pole attacks, shotguns, and more. The controls and physics are a little difficult, though, and take away from some of the game’s enjoyment.

TURN Episode 1: The Lost Artefact

Price: $3.99

Puzzle games continuously become more creative, and the first episode of TURN is no slouch. You move a bold adventurer around a block-shaped level toward the exit, getting keys and avoiding enemy agents along the way. Rotation buttons flip the level, and using this to your advantage is the prime aspect of the game. For example, at one point you may need to get in and out of gaps to continue onwards, or crush a foe with a falling block.

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