Ten To Watch: Wednesday, July 8

With so many games hitting the App Store every day, we wanted to make it easier for you to keep up with what’s new and cool. These 10 games stand out for a number of interesting reasons. Maybe it’s a clever story hook, sharp graphics, or a quirky personality. We’ll be reviewing several of these in the coming weeks, so here’s your official heads up.

Goodnight Wish

Publisher: Personae Studios

Price: $1.99

In Goodnight Wish, you must use a fairy and toy knight situated on each side of the screen to stop nightmares from reaching an innocent girl. The game sports crisp, anime-style graphics and a fun storyline that makes it a unique take on the shooter genre.


Publisher: Prakash Gautam

Price: $0.99

Sphaira is a puzzle game where you must push marbles into one another until only one is left on the board. The catch: You only have a limited amount of time to do this. The game has preset levels as well as randomly generated ones, meaning you will never play the same one twice. Recommended for fans of Mouse About.

Leaf Bound: Mecha Monkey Mayhem

Publisher: Pixel Stream, LLC

Price: $0.99

This game is like Doodle Jump on crack. You play as Yuri, a girl who is on a mission to defeat the evil robot monkeys. There are eight levels to jump through, each with its own hand-drawn artwork, music, and end-of-level boss. One may call it a vertical platformer.

Radial 50

Publisher: Roundthird Interactive LLC

Price: $1.99

When the classic iPods were all the rage, one of the most successful games on the device was Vortex, a circular 3D breakout clone. Radial 50 takes this great concept and puts it in a 2D perspective. The idea is to get your ball to the middle of the circle in order to smash a diamond and continue onward.


Publisher: Florian Zitzelsberger

Price: $0.99 (normally $1.99)

In our preview of Blocks2, we talked about how the gameplay was similar to that of Lumines. With intuitive controls and OpenFeint 2.0 integration, fans of the genre should take a look at this.

Kill All Bugs!

Publisher: Sonic BOOM, Inc.

Price: $1.99

Kill All Bugs!, a tower defense game we previewed at WWDC, is borderline corny due to giant killer bugs laying siege to cities. Still, it works for this game. Its overall simplicity and special attacks make it a game both newcomers and veteran tower defenders may enjoy.

Alien Holiday

Publisher: Too Many Studios

Price: $0.99

You may have stopped aliens from invading Earth in the past, but this time the roles have shifted. In Alien Holiday, a side-scrolling shooter that reminded us of Platypus, the goal is to exterminate the human race, mostly because the aliens are bored on their holiday break. There are two ships to choose from, each with its own arsenal of weapons that can be upgraded along the way.


Publisher: Portable Zoo

Price: $0.99

Much like the trampoline mini-game included in many Mario games on the Nintendo DS, this game has you drawing platforms to keep Karuki bouncing around and collecting his friends. The graphics seem to have been pulled from a kid’s sketchbook, adding to the charm.


Publisher: Games Factory Online

Price: $4.99

Rummikub is a remake of the classic board game. The concept, which takes lessons from Texas Hold’em, involves matching tiles in certain arrangements until you have none left. Those who enjoyed the game in its previous forms will surely like this one as well.

Super Yum Yum Retro

Publisher: AirPlay

Price: $0.99

Leon the chameleon has licked his way back to the iPhone in his second adventure, this time in a wacky retro world. We thought Super Yum Yum 3 was a must-have, so those who missed it the first time around may want to take a look at this.

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