Ten to Watch: Wednesday, July 29

This week has been a milestone, with huge games like The Secret Of Monkey Island: Special Edition and Resident Evil 4 sneaking onto the App Store. Still, there are plenty of other noteworthy games to talk about. Here are just a few of the more exciting titles we wanted to share with you this week.

Space Invaders Infinity Gene

Publisher: TAITO Corporation

Price: $4.99

Chances are you have heard of or played Space Invaders at some point in your life. If not, here’s the scoop: it was the game that basically started the shooter genre. In this impressive remake, you start off playing what seems to be the original game but steadily undergo ‘evolution’, adding new elements and exciting battles to the game. If you were a fan of the original or just love the genre, check this one out.


Publisher: Chris Sokol

Price: $0.99

Interestingly, RockinRoll is not a music game. Instead, it’s one of the most unique takes on a Match-3 game we have seen. Using physics as its main element, you are tasked with matching the falling balls with those of the same color bellow. Tilting the device moves them around, and you must hold the device upright. People who need a unique Match-3 should check this out.

Crazy Monkey Spin

Publisher: Digital Chocolate, Inc.

Price: $2.99

Momo the Monkey’s friends are in trouble, and he must swing through a zoo full of floating pegs to save them. This game has you jumping from peg to peg, collecting bananas and releasing animals from their cages. The colorful graphics, simple yet engaging gameplay, and whimsical concept make this game worth checking out.

Nano Rally

Publisher: Sauce Digital

Price: $0.99

Nano Rally is a top down racing game where you control a tiny car through 25 tracks based on everyday environments, such as a Garden and Bedroom. One of the coolest features is the ability to customize certain aspects of your car (acceleration, top speed, brakes, handling) depending on the conditions of the track. There is also an option to automatically use the gas, and use touch or tilt controls. If you’re looking for fun micro-car game, you should look no further than Nano Rally.

Aqua Globs

Publisher: Qwiboo

Price: $0.99

The gameplay mechanic of path-drawing invented by Flight Control was ingenious and has created many knock-offs since, but not one has been quite like Aqua Globs. While it uses the same drawing concept, this game has you connecting two small globs of the same color together so they make a larger glob, and then doing the same for larger globs to make them go away. Collisions between different colors globs means you lose a life, of which you have three. If you were a fan of Flight Control, Harbor Master, or others from that genre, this is worth checking out.

Touch KO

Publisher: Chillingo Ltd

Price: $2.99

Put on your boxing gloves and get ready to beat up your opponent! Touch KO is a boxing game for your iPhone with great graphics and intuitive gameplay, which involves a lot of swiping and tapping. However, we’ve heard that the game can be too easy. Still, for the asking price, the game does a lot right and will please boxing fanatics.


Publisher: StormBASIC Games

Price: $1.99

For those who played StoneLoops! of Jurassica’s Grab’n’Shoot mode, this game will feel familiar. You play a dinosaur and must move around oncoming tiles so that they are in groups of four or more. The dino can hold up to three of the same color at once, and there are plenty of power-ups to be utilized. The game may not be a new concept, but it does the genre justice.

Mechanical Bull: Record Breaker

Publisher: DEFYN

Price: $0.99

A game based around riding mechanical bulls? Yessir! After picking from one of six riders, you are placed on a bull and must keep your balance as you are whipped around by tilting the device in the direction indicated by arrows. As the title suggests, there is also online scoring. For anybody looking for something different yet addicting, you have met your match.

Play Marbles

Publisher: Darside Entertainment

Price: $1.99

Play Marbles is the real-deal when it comes to a classic marble-shooting game on the iPhone. The idea is that you must shoot more marbles out of a circle then your opponent. There are four single-player modes to enjoy, plus pass and play and local multiplayer. Customization also plays a part in this game, allowing you to place your own pictures on the surface of marbles. If you like this type of marble game, you should roll over to the App Store and pick it up.


Publisher: 2n Productions

Price: $2.99

Finally, we have QuitIt!, a game so ridiculous that it’s downright awesome. You continuously poke Lumpy, a blue blob, with your choice of poker. These include rubber chickens, monkeys with bananas, spears, flamingos, and more. You can also give him gifts, although these usually make him cry. Annoy Lumpy enough and he will drop you coins, which are used to buy new objects to annoy him further. Sure, we felt bad after a while, but this poketastic app was just too funny to put down.

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