Ten to Watch: Wednesday, July 15

We’re up to our eyeballs in new games, and you probably are, too. Here’s a handy list of ten iPhone games to keep an eye out for this week. We’ll be reviewing some of these soon, and the rest… well, you might have to just take a chance on them yourself.

Zombies & Me

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Price: $0.99

EA’s latest zombie survival game was created by indie developer 8lb Gorilla. The premise is that there are hordes of zombies on your tail and you must destroy them by leading them underneath bombs. Zombie-lovers (and haters) can expect EA-level polish here.

Pipe Mania

Publisher: Virtual Programming Ltd

Price: $4.99

Many may remember this game from its previous iterations on the PC, Wii, DS, and PSP. As the title suggests, you place pipes around a grid, trying to lead water from one point to another without spilling out. There are also other objects to connect, including train tracks and internet connections. This is the game that started the pipe-connecting gameplay mechanic, so those who are fans of it will definitely find some enjoyment here.


Publisher: The Game Creators

Price: $2.99

In DropSum, a port of a popular PC game, you must drop numbers into a grid in a way that subsequent numbers will equal nine. Each time you make a match, the balls will change color until finally disappearing. Fans of Drop7 will feel right at home with this game.

Farm Frenzy

Publisher: Alawar Entertainment, Inc

Price: $4.99

Farm Frenzy is a “farm management” game where you must care for your animals, which in turn will give you products to sell. The graphics are somewhat reminiscent of Zooloretto. For time management fans, this may be one to look out for.

Football U

Publisher: Longtail Studios

Price: $0.99

One type of game the App Store lacks is a fully-fledged football game. Football U is probably the closest you will get to one for now. You play through games as the quarterback, choosing your play and passing the ball (which involves a series of pinches, swipes, and taps). For those who just can’t wait to get their hands on EA’s upcoming Madden NFL 10, this game may tide you over for a while.

Spin Star

Publisher: Six By Nine Limited

Price: $3.99

Spin Star is best described as an orbital Match3 game. Balls are created in the center of the screen, and you must match them to others of the same color by spinning around a circular array of balls. Power-ups are plentiful, and the game is definitely a step beyond your normal matching game.


Publisher: StormBASIC Games

Price: $0.99

The circus brings us fond memories of clowns, acrobats, lion tamers… and strong men on unicycles. Crash!’s whimsical concept involves you changing your arms’ positions and tilting the device in order to safely pass through a stone wall. Mess up, and this hunk of muscle goes splat!


Publisher: nabil chatbi

Price: $2.99

Ricky wants to be Mario, badly. This game pays tribute to the classic formula created by those crazy plumber brothers, right down to the 1UP mushroom icon. Our review is coming soon, so stay tuned.

Crush Bunny

Publisher: 3Side Studios

Price: $0.99

Crush Bunny is one interesting game, both visually and gameplay-wise. Apparently it is the end of the world, and meteors are crashing down on bunnies. You must prevent them from getting killed by moving the meteors where there are no inhabitants. With minigames and promised updates, this game could turn out to be one of the better hidden gems we have come across.

Kaloki Love

Publisher: NinjaBee

Price: $0.99

Kaloki Love is the second title in NinjaBee’s Kaloki series. The premise is to manage a space station and fall in love the dream girl of your choice (which leads to story-affecting options). With wacky space ports and multiple story paths, this game will give fans of the series their fill.

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