Ten to Watch: Wednesday, February 24

This week saw a number of major releases, with Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front, Zombie Cannon Carnage, and soon Transformers G1: Awakening and Final Fantasy 1 and 2. After purchasing those, here are some extra titles you may want to spend some cash on.

Devil Invasion

Price: $0.99

As Puzzle Quest taught us, Match-3 games can make for some crazy RPGs. While Devil Invasion certainly doesn’t have the depth and involved storyline of Puzzle Quest, it does do enough to make it a great pick for casual gamers. Six-way tile sliding, spells cast by matching certain color tiles, a purchasing system, and humorous quotes all had us hooked, ultimately destroying any productivity we might have had.

Tap Tap Ninja

Price: $0.99

This Canabalt clone takes the core running gameplay mechanic and spices it up with double jumps, colorful graphics, and running through gems for points. Obstacles such as mushrooms and spinning spike wheels try to slow you down or slice you up, so things can get quite dicey for this poor ninja on the run. OpenFeint online scores are nice, but they become less useful due to the fact that the only leaderboard is for all your scores combined instead of your best run. Otherwise, this is quite an addicting little game.

Fly Kiwi, Fly!

Price: $0.99

Much like the one in the popular Youtube video, all this Kiwi wants to do is fly, and he will do whatever it takes to achieve that dream. For example, he’ll attach rockets to his body, launch himself off a cliff in a catapult, and jump on pogo sticks. This is one wacky flying game, where your goal is to make money, buy new equipment, and help New Zealand’s national bird soar across the globe. So far we can say it’s probably our favorite flight game on the App Store.


Price: $0.99

From the developers of the I Dig It series comes a dual-stick version of Gauntlet, Catacombs. The goal is to smash through undead and other dungeon creepers as a warrior, mage, or archer. It has potential, but the lack of depth makes it pale in comparison to other dual-stick shooters. However, for only $0.99 it’s quick fun.

Jelly Invaders

Price: $0.99

When your whitewashed world is under attack from jelly creatures with parachutes, there is only one thing to do: shoot them down! In this prequel to the upcoming Jelly Defense, you use the jelly shooter to erase like-colored jellies from invading your jelly-less world. There is also a survival mode that consists of simply shooting down as many as you can, regardless of what color they are. Even if it’s just for the graphics and personality, we highly recommend you check this title out.

Superstar Chefs

Price: $0.99

The ever-popular Donut Games are at it again with Superstar Chefs, a platformer where you must collect all the fruit on a level to proceed. Each of the 64 levels is filled with tons of enemies, obstacles, and powerups like spring legs to up the challenge. Donut Games has consistently been topping the charts, and this addicting title shows exactly why.


Price: $0.99

Stupid Cloud fans are in for a treat: another falling object collection game with wacky characters and themes. The main game starts you off as an amoeba and evolves you through many random stages, while an unlockable arcade mode pits you against the Easter Bunny. There is also a reverse part of each level in which you must avoid oncoming objects.

Stunt Squirrels

Price: $1.99

Take a walk in the park and you’ll quickly grow tired of those pesky squirrels. This is a game to release that stress. You tap anywhere on the screen to cause an explosion, sending the squirrel flying across the level to the goal. Each level has a hoop that, if the squirrel goes through it, unlocks a bonus level. Now if only we could take that helmet off the oversized, buck-toothed rodent.

Meltdown – Radioactive Platformer

Price: $0.99

Similar to Rat on the Run, Meltdown is a platformer where the character is constantly in motion and you must tap the screen to jump. As a safety control robot for a nuclear power plant, you must bump into red buttons in order to turn off the core reactors and prevent a meltdown. On top of this and lots of tricky obstacles to overcome, a ticking timer makes this a do-or-die situation worth risking.

Lousy Action Monkey Tap

Price: $0.99

Running and jumping games are, as shown by this Ten To Watch, being developed at an alarming rate. But none that we’ve played has made us laugh out loud like Lousy Action Monkey Tap. Fairly obvious gameplay aside, you play as Monkey, a ‘lousy character’ who goes to cyberspace to learn the funniest jokes. There he meets his hero, Funny Man, who turns out to be a bit of a jerk, and from there he goes on to have one heck of a random adventure. Those looking for tight gameplay and absolutely hilarious dialogue are in for a treat with this title. Buy it just to see what a ‘lousy character’ is.

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