Ten to Watch: Wednesday, December 30

As the holidays come to a close with the year’s end, one would think a flood of new games would be launching. However, this past week iTunes Connect has been down, meaning few new releases have surfaced. For this Ten To Watch, we dig into our recent backlog for ten notable games.

Jungle Style Pinball

Price: $0.99

Gameprom’s superb library of pinball games continues with the tropical/Jamaican-themed Jungle Style Pinball. A new 3D engine, tons of secrets to reveal, and more kept us coming back for one more round. Our full review can be found here.


Price: $0.99

This online Pictionary game is great fun, but only if you meet the right people online. The goal of Charadium is to try to guess what the other person is drawing. Scribbling out a picture and having others guess correctly is a real treat for the iPhone. Plus+ leaderboards add longevity to make this a great purchase at only $0.99.


Price: $0.99

Samegame variations tend to all be, well, the same. Collapse! is a whole new animal. Along with a classic mode, some new features include puzzles, strategy levels, and boss battles against an octopus and alien. Our full review is on the way.


Price: $0.99

Freeverse’s game based on a cartoony rendition of the Norse thunder god has been over half a year in the making, which made the final product an even greater letdown. You play as an adolescent Thor, except you don’t have any control over the game as he runs at a constant speed. The only role you play is to tap on icons and obstacles to help Thor avoid getting hurt and gain points. Our full review is coming, but we don’t recommend buying this one.

Train Conductor

Price: $1.99

Imagine you could conduct trains running across the major cities of Australia. Now imagine you could also control ghost trains at night. Both of these are possible in Train Conductor, the latest traffic management game where you must split tracks in order to move trains of a certain number to their respective destination. We are enjoying what this game has to offer so far, with a closer look to come soon.


Price: $2.99

Trench warfare was a significant military tactic in World War I, and Trenches capitalizes on that. With unique levels full of various terrain, lots of troops with different abilities, and a high strategy requirement, this is a defense game that fans of the genre should not miss.

Chop Chop Ninja

Price: $2.99

Sneaking around as a stealthy ninja is certifiably awesome, making this samurai-busting platformer a thrill to play. While the intuitive touch screen controls are not as precise as we would have liked and there are only 10 levels, Chop Chop Ninja is hard to put down and offers tons of slice ‘n dice fun.

Babel Rising

Price: $0.99

If you could be God for one day, what would you do? Stop those pesky humans from building a tower that reaches the heavens, of course. While their persistence always pays off in this reverse castle defense game, showing your wrath feels like pure justice. A lack of content makes it hard to recommend to those looking for a serious game, but others will get a good laugh out of it.

Space Station: Frontier

Price: $2.99

The Sentinel series is one of the most memorable in the crowded tower defense space. Now developer Origin8 has released a third game, Space Station: Frontier, but this one’s a real-time strategy game. As the overseer of a mining operation in deep space, you must fend off the oncoming hordes of aliens. The unique gameplay revolves around creating a chain of ‘towers’ starting from your space station. Multiple modes and OpenFeint make this one worth trying out.

Perfect Balance: Paradise

Price: $0.99

If balancing games are your fancy, the fourth Perfect Balance game may be just right for you. It includes 180 levels; the first 120 are peaceful re-skins of the Inferno edition levels, with the remaining 60 being all new. We have given PB games our top marks in the past, so this comes with our recommendation.

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