Ten to Watch: Wednesday, December 2

Now that the holiday of feasting has come and gone, we are back to our normal Ten To Watch format. Here are ten games that we thought looked interesting this week.

Super Monkey Ball 2

Price: $9.99

Where the original Super Monkey Ball faltered, the sequel improves by strides. Now with 115 new courses, re-tuned tilt controls, minigames, and multiplayer, this is the game we feel Sega meant to release in the first place. For a closer look, read our hands-on preview or wait for our upcoming review. At this point, our impressions are very positive.

Hippo High Dive

Price: $0.99

Imangi Studios of Harbor Master fame has returned with their latest game, Hippo High Dive. In this comical title you play as a circus hippo who jumps from massive highs through flaming hoops and eventually lands in a pool of water. For every successful dive you complete at a certain height, you will unlock higher jumps. Online leaderboards track a slew of different stats, and the sketchbook art style and silly circus music really give this game a lot of flare.

Skater Nation

Price: $6.99

Gameloft’s Skater Nation is their effort at a Tony Hawk skateboarding game. You play as one of eight different hipsters and skateboard around ten different locations, each with its own set of challenges to complete. Different boards, skaters, and gear can be unlocked as you progress through the challenges. One feature that we loved was the ability to record your tricks and post a video of them on Youtube. A review with our final verdict is on the way.

I Dig It Expeditions

Price: $2.99

In our review of I Dig It, we highly enjoyed ourselves despite some annoyances. I Dig It Expeditions, a sequel of epic proportions, drills most of these hindrances away and adds tons of new content. Four unique locations, including an underwater level, new supplies and a better management system, grave dangers, and a slew of new achievements are just some of the new features you get with this game. The great digging gameplay is virtually unchanged, which is great if you loved the first. A review is coming soon, but fans of the original should buy this with confidence.

Imp or Oaf?

Price: $0.99

Imp or Oaf? is so unique that we will let its tutorial song do the explaining for us. ‘There’s an itty-bitty Imp and a great big Oaf. Can you guess which one is which? A touch reveals more of the scene, which helps you to decide’¦ if it’s a great a great big Oaf or an itty-bitty Imp. Will you get it right?’ Check out our preview for a closer look at this crafty gem.

Connect 4

Price: $2.99

If you had a childhood at all, then this is a table-top game that you should know like the back of your hand. EA’s officially licensed iPhone remake of this classic brings 3D graphics, multiple modes (including Advanced, with special types of chips), and multiplayer over Bluetooth, local wi-fi, or pass-and-play. There are plenty of clones on the App Store, but this is easily the most enjoyable of the bunch.

Snowy’s Christmas Pinball

Price: $1.99

It seems Monster Pinball developer Matmi is getting a jump-start on the holiday season with their two latest games. The first of these is their second pinball game, Snowy’s Christmas Pinball. Much like Monster Pinball, it is comprised of multiple tables linked together through chutes and contraptions. While this pinball game has half the content of its predecessor, we can say that each of the tables is far more complex. The themes are still as twisted as ever, with a horror-movie version of Scrooge, one wacko Santa, and a snowman who was beaten over the head. As far as pinball games go, this is a fun one.


Price: $1.99

Matmi also released Elf, a game in the vertical distance-jumping genre that has become extremely popular. You control an elf with an oversized head by tilting the phone, flinging him up into space on a series of swirly circles, candy canes, and tiny lights. Online scoring, as well as preset scores to top, make this worth picking up if you like games like Doodle Jump.

Bloons Festive Fun

Price: $0.99

If you are a Bloons fan, then this holiday spin on the infamous Flash game is just for you. The game comes with new levels, as well as additional levels unlocked daily through an advent calendar up until the new year. Also, unlockable items and the new reindeer balloon bring new challenges to seasoned players. If this interests you, act quickly! It’s only available until January 1st.

Labyrinth 2

Price: $4.99

Another iPhone classic to get a sequel, Labyrinth 2 brings to the table new gameplay elements, a better progress tracking system, awards and achievements, plus a whole slew of clever level designs. Our review is coming soon, so maybe wait until we get the ball rolling before you decide to buy.

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