Ten To Watch: Wednesday, August 26

This week has been great for us iPhone game journalists, as we’ve had a chance to play catch-up while fewer games were launched. For this Ten To Watch, we’re bringing you some of the notable games to launch this past week, plus a couple we overlooked before.


Price: $2.99

iMech has some of the best online multiplayer action you will find on the App Store. With low latency, 3D graphics, and five different weapons, this third-person shooter will have those seeking some heated competition at the edge of their seat. For this price, we recommend the game for multiplayer and giant robot enthusiasts. Our review will be up soon, so keep on the lookout.

Dragon Portals

Price: $4.99

Calling Dragon Portals a Match-3 game doesn’t do the concept justice. Yes, you are technically matching three of similarly colored ‘portals’, or disks, but in a way that turns the genre on its head. By tapping on a portal, it drops down to the next dragon. You must keep up the pace or else the dragons will crash into the ground. Progressing through the story and its plethora of levels gains you new abilities and gameplay mechanics. Achievements and stats are also present for completists. Dragon Portals is a solid puzzler that sports an engaging concept.


Price: $2.99

Luxor was one of the original games in the marble popping genre, popularizing the movable shooter that has been used in recent games such as Stoneloops! of Jurassica. Now, you can have this classic in your pocket at all times. While it may be a straight port, this iteration is notably the first non-ngmoco game to incorporate the Plus+ social gaming platform. Our review is coming soon, but ask yourself, how could 75 million people be wrong?

Atlantis Sky Patrol

Price: $2.99

Played Luxor and want a similar title to blast through? Big Fish Games has recently released their marble popper, Atlantis Sky Patrol. It does have some quirks that change up gameplay, however. Most importantly, there are stationary marbles that must all be popped in order to stop new chains from coming through. Also, new mechanics such as deflecting balls off of bouncers bring new strategy to the title. A fun minigame and upgrades can be accessed between levels.

Loony Aviator!

Price: $0.99

Are you pilot enough to accept the title of Loony Aviator? This game will put you to the test. The idea is simple: fly through hoops while avoiding obstacles. However, it’s much harder than it sounds. The two control methods, touch buttons and accelerometer, take some getting used to, but if you stick with it you may end up with an enjoyable experience.

Liberty Boom

Price: $0.99

Liberty Boom puts you in charge of a fireworks show across an array of cities. However, some naughty pilots are flying overhead! No worry, as their speed and firework detonation is in your hands. Tilting the device will affect how fast and slow planes go, and tapping the tap zone makes rockets explode in an array of colors. It is important to note, however, that the current build of the game has weird graphical glitches on the 3GS. In no way do these make it unplayable, and the developer has told us an update is on its way that will address this. Otherwise, this is a solid concept.


Price: $0.99

Please excuse us if we have been a bit behind schedule as Mr.AahH!! has been eating up our time. This large-headed stick figure goes to the extremes by jumping from platform to platform by way of rope. His goal is to land as close to the center as possible. To do this, simply tap when you want him to jump. Fine-tuning his swinging is done through the accelerometer, although this is optional. There are also physics to work with, such as gravity and wind. Fairly deep online scoring rounds the package out.

iSink U

Price: $0.99

Despite the game’s unfortunate name, iSink U is the most immersive and interesting battleship clone on the iPhone. The 3D graphics pop out with tons of detail, and watching ships physically rain down an arsenal of weapons on one another makes the battles feel almost real. There are also lots of different level configurations across multiple environments and multiplayer, giving strategy some variety. This is not just another battleship clone on the App Store, and we hope it’s not written off due to its quite silly name.

Green Fingers

Price: $0.99

Green Fingers proves flower potting can be fun. All you need to do is move the pots underneath falling objects in the correct order (dirt, seeds, sun) to create flowers. Things do get tricky, however, when multiple objects are falling at once, and at a high speed. OpenFeint integration brings all the popular goodies.

Justice in Glory

Price: $0.99

What better way to end our weekly feature than with a side-scroller where you play a young boy who looks strangely like the POTUS? Oh, and did we mention he has one of the wackiest collection of ‘weapons’ known to man? As Barry (Barack?) strolls along the street, he constantly bombards insurance agents with rotten tomatoes, cake, his dog, hamburgers, slingshots… the list goes on. Sure, the tilt-to-move controls are less than adequate and some balance issues should be smoothed out, but the variety of weapons is plenty entertaining.

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