Ten To Watch: Wednesday, August 19

Every Wednesday we play a lot of the games that have just hit the App Store in the last week, and find ten that stand out. Whether it’s a unique gameplay hook or just a silly title that makes us laugh out loud, there’s something different about these games. They may not be the biggest or the best, but we get a kick out of them.

The Game Of Life: Classic Edition

Price: $4.99

The title says it all for this game: it’s a remake of the classic board game The Game Of Life. We’re going to assume the majority of our readers have played it in some form before, but here’s a quick overview to jot your memory. You start life as a kid and make choices such as whether or not to go to college, get married or stay single, become rich or take the low road, and more. All of these choices affect your gameplay, which takes you through life in a car. Just remember, anything can happen in The Game Of Life.


Price: $2.99

Orbital may not be a new concept at its core, but it’s definitely the best take at it. All you have to do is simply tap the screen to stop a constantly rotating cannon and shoot a colorful ball. This then expands to an even bigger ball with the number three inside. Every time you hit it, the number goes down until it disappears. With two addicting modes, online scoring, top-notch graphics, and that ‘one more try’ factor, fans of similar games simply can’t go wrong here. For a closer look, check out our preview.

Toy Story Mania

Price: $4.99

Toy Story Mania is a minigame collection based around the new attraction at Disneyland. All of the included games involve shooting objects in various ways. Our review should be coming soon, but Toy Story fanatics who cannot hold their horses could find enjoyment in the game’s numerous movie references.


Price: $2.99

Another game from Disney this week has no movie or TV references, which came as a bit of a shock to us. Speaking of shock, this game may electrocute your iPhone with its flashy neon graphics. The premise is that you slide your finger on either side of the screen and move two paddles in order to keep the ball in the center of the screen, much like Radial 50. However, instead of blocks, you must destroy different types of enemies. Breakspin is proof that Disney can do more than promotional games.

Tap Box

Price: $2.99

Tap Box can best be described as a color-based Castle Defense game with a stripped-down style. You must tap red and yellow boxes before they reach the left side of the screen while allowing green boxes to pass safely. Once you allow enough green boxes through, you win the level. However, if enough bad boxes slip by it means game over. Different levels include new mechanics and intricately structured waves, forcing players to hone their strategy.

Alien Crisis

Price: $1.99

Looking for a slightly cheaper Castle Defense game that still innovates within the genre? Alien Crisis will not disappoint. You play as Russell, a cyborg who is in charge of cleaning up an Alien invasion in the year 2025 by closing a portal accidentally opened by scientists. Russell also must kill ‘The Brain’, who controls the every move of your foes. The most interesting parts of the game are the Tower Defense influences, as you can drop down five types of turrets to help Russell fend off aliens. Add in some awesome sci-fi graphics and Alien Crisis will keep genre fanatics interested through to the end.

Art Thief

Price: $3.99

Art Thief is a simple concept– control your robber through art museums, avoiding security and stealing painting– but with more depth than meets the eye. Each museum is dedicated to a famous artist, such as Picasso and Da Vinci. Your goal is to steal the five paintings dedicated to that specific artist while avoiding the rest. Making a mistake means the end of the road for your poor robber. If you know your art and artists well, this is a game designed just for you.


Price: $2.99

There are currently three games that define the turn-based artillery genre on the iPhone: Star Hogs, Worms, and iShoot. However, we feel that KIL.A.TON may deserve a spot here as well. While gameplay is quite similar to its counterparts, some tweaks and a ton of polish create a totally new experience. Most importantly, all tanks perform every turn at the same time. Also, which weapons you use in the next round is based on the amount of money you have earned and what stock you buy. Three gameplay modes cover all bases: Campaign, Online, and Custom. This is a game not to be missed if you loved the other games we mentioned (and we know there are many of you out there).

Who’s Buying

Price: $1.99

Our included image for this game says it all: this is a way for people to decide who pays off the bills for your nightly excursions. The three included minigames, which can be described as either skill or chance, are easy for all occasions and will allow people to quickly turn the time used to decide who is to pay into something fun for the entire group.

Apocalypse Zombie Fish

Price: $0.99

We don’t really know what to think of Apocalypse Zombie Fish. You play Dr. Edmond Ville (E. Ville for short) who throws explosives into a pond full of undead fish and sharks. Upon impact, it sends zombies flying into the sky. There isn’t much more to it than that, but that concept was so crazy there was no way we couldn’t mention it.

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