Ten To Watch: Thursday, September 10

This has turned out to be quite an eventful week, with a smorgasbord of tasty Gameloft previews and releases, as well as the 9/9/09 Apple Event and all it had to offer (Steve Jobs, iTunes 9, new Nanos and iPod Touches, and some game announcements). However, we want to shed light on some of the games we have not been able to cover quite yet.


Price: $4.99

This remake of the classic brickbreaker game Arkanoid attempts to recreate the magic of Space Invaders Infinity Gene. It sports epic boss battles, lots of unique powerups, and a branching progression and storyline. Plus, the return of levels made from your own soundtrack. Has Taito done it again, or is this remake a quick cash-in on a popular title? The verdict is still out on this one, but expect a full review in the near future.

Dinky Ball

Price: $1.99

In Dinky Ball, a colorful ball-rolling puzzler/racer, you must get your ball to the goal before the timer runs out. By tilting the phone to move and tapping to jump, the ball will avoid obstacles such as black tiles, while using teleporters and accelerators to its advantage. However, the concept seems a bit shallow, with little challenge to boot.

Boulder Dash ROCKS!

Price: $0.99

Look out below! This remake of the classic Boulder Dash is quite varied and full of interesting gameplay mechanics. In his latest adventure, Rockford digs through some exotic tunnels, collecting his fair share of diamonds and defeating evil bosses who look to steal them from him. Some of the new twists on the gameplay include portals, a multi-purpose laser gun, and a health bar. Look for our review soon.

Super Water Bomber

Price: $2.99

It seems turn-based artillery games are continuously becoming less serious. First there was Star Hogs, then Worms, and now Super Water Bomber. Digital Chocolate’s latest puts you in the shoes of a bully-busting ‘superhero’ who uses his obscure powers of water balloons to teach those who are causing harm to their peers a lesson. There is the usual slowdown that DChoc ports tend to suffer from, but ultimately we enjoyed soaking some schoolyard punks.

Bear on a Wire

Price: $2.99

Bearzo is sick of working as a trapeze-riding biker bear for the circus and has decided to make his big escape. The green, scarf-wearing teddy sits atop his tall stunt bike as he rides down power lines, making for some crazy physics. To our surprise, the game has these spot on. There are also fifteen levels, and different tricks to pull off. The game is not only a hilarious, but a thrill to play, and blows Moto X Mayhem off its motorcycle. We commend Chad, who apparently stayed up all night to bring us this game (according to the app description), for his efforts.

Enigmo 2

Price: $3.99

Enigmo was one of the first major titles for the iPhone, so it is with great pleasure that we welcome its three-dimensional, space-themed sequel. The new perspective on the game adds a new level of challenge, with unique gameplay mechanics such as lasers, teleporters, and gravity inverters. If you are going to take the plunge for the game, though, expect a challenge that ratchets up quickly up to a brutal level.

Sir Revs-a-Lot

Price: $0.99

Vroom…. vrooom…. vroom? Yes, even the car is questioning your care for it. Sir Revs-a-Lot has nothing to do with the rapper whose baby’s got back, but we assume the driver’s rear hurts him plenty after smashing into bomb-dropping helicopters and spaceships. The goal is to get hit by a bomb and keep your car in the air for as long as possible by propelling yourself into aircrafts of all shapes and sizes. OpenFeint integration brings lots of replay value.


Price: $0.99

The title shows the obvious point of this reflex test, but it doesn’t mention some hilarious details. Throughout the game, you will need to dodge walls by jumping over and sliding under them. However, zombie stick figures, scroll saws, walruses and the like are also blocking your way. Punching undead in the head usually does the trick, and if they decide to stand on walls you can ninja-kick them. Oh, its very satisfying.

IMP: Surf the Music

Price: $0.99

We have been waiting for a quality Audiosurf clone, and until Tapulous’ Riddim Ribbon launches in October, IMP: Surf the Music will have to do. Your hoverboarding imp kid will race through musical instruments and diamonds as you groove along, keeping up a beat as you go. Every instrument he runs into starts a new loop, meaning the song’s outcome is representative of your success. There are eight levels in total, offering sufficient musical entertainment for $0.99.

Blades of Fury

Price: $6.99

Within a week of its announcement, Gameloft’s impressive Soul Calibur clone has hit the App Store. The game mechanics boil down to beating up your foe, which is exactly what we expected, and it’s a first for the genre on the iPhone. Impressive graphics and controls, including a swiping mechanic, would not be complete without cheesy voiceovers. Yes, this game fits that fighting-game stereotype quite perfectly.

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