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    Ten to Watch: Thursday, November 19

    Although a day late, we bring you our weekly round-up of ten games to look out for.

    Ravensword: The Fallen King

    Price: $6.99

    There has been immense hype over this open-world RPG ever since it was announced. Now that we have our hands on the game, we are quite impressed, despite some issues. The detailed graphics get the job done and a lengthy story with plenty of side-quests is likely to keep your attention for some time. However, the lack of character customization and armor/weapon stats may leave more hardcore gamers wanting more. Click here for our full review.

    Castle Frenzy

    Price: $1.99

    Gameloft’s second castle defense title is much like a 3D version of Knights Onrush in its execution. However, there are a lot of options to mess with here that make it stand out. Ten different types of enemies, gesture-based controls, and eighteen upgradable special attacks such as fireballs and a deadly sea monster enticed us to keep playing. If you don’t mind picking up another castle defense game, we recommend this.

    Chuck Norris: Bring the Pain

    Price: $0.99

    Just when we thought we would not need to hear another Chuck Norris joke again, Gameloft reminds us that’¦ well, he’s Chuck Norris! Full of face-smashing, car-throwing, gun-shooting madness and a whole slew of catchphrases, this side-scroller will definitely appeal to the (not so) niche audience that loves America’s most badass martial artist.

    Star Wars: Trench Run

    Price: $4.99

    Like Star Wars? Like semi on-rails aerial shooters? Then you may like Star Wars: Trench Run. In our preview we found it to be a fun experience but a bit on the short side, so you may want to wait for the full review tomorrow.

    Surviving High School

    Price: $2.99

    If you simply couldn’t get enough of high school, then EA’s latest will allow you to step into the shoes of a teen as you live out your young life through weekly episodes, somewhat like a reality TV show. The gameplay is based on making choices through text-based sequences, with the occasional minigame thrown in. Since this is such a different type of game, we recommend trying the lite version first or waiting for our full review.

    PathPix Pro

    Price: $2.99

    When we reviewed the original PathPix, we found it to be simple but insanely rewarding. PathPix Pro expands upon the original with 300 new puzzles (that’s almost double what the original had), some of which fit into special categories such as white space, longer lines, and two-colors. We highly recommend it if you enjoyed the original. If nothing else, it’s a great game to play when listening to podcasts!

    Jet Car Stunts

    Price: $1.99

    This anticipated speed driving game is a full-throttle blast to play. Whether you are soaring through the air while spinning or speeding down a straight, the sense of speed and challenge is always satisfying. Each level brings in new obstacles to avoid, including rings in the air and caved-in walls. OpenFeint leaderboards add great replay value with interesting achievements and an excellent scoring system. If you still aren’t convinced, feel free to wait for our review, but right now buy this game with confidence.


    Price: $2.99

    Air combat doesn’t get much cuter than it is in MiniSquadron. This is a 2D airplane shooter with tight controls, great audio and graphics, and a hangar’s worth of personality. Check out our preview for details, or wait for our review. But if you’re wondering whether this one is worth your time and money, rest assured that it is.


    Price: $0.99

    Retro graphics and neon lights tend to create a great aesthetic for games, which is likely why we were so drawn to the simple concept of Minima. The idea is that you must move a colored dot side to side so it matches up with other tiles of the same color. To change the color, you must tap oncoming tiles of another color. It’s simple, but it will have you coming back to see if you have what it takes to top the online leaderboards.


    Price: $2.99

    Smashed is a destruction game that takes the genre to a whole new level. With some of the most precise touch controls and spot-on physics to be found on the App Store, we had trouble putting this game down. Our full review is on its way, but right now we need to get back to demolishing wood.

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