Ten to Watch: Thursday, July 23

Need some ideas for new games to consider buying? The final verdict isn’t in yet, but these ten caught our eye and are probably worth a closer look.


Publisher: Dreamship, Inc.

Price: $2.99

Triazzle is the original triangular graphical matching puzzle, launched as a board game in 1991. This faithful port includes an original soundtrack, animation, and randomly generated puzzles of two sizes and four difficulty levels. Puzzle fans looking for something original and unique may lose themselves in this immersive game.

G-Force: The Game

Publisher: Walt Disney

Price: $4.99

This game may be based off an upcoming Disney movie, but G-Force is no slouch at all. Gameplay consists of using each hamster’s special abilities in order to help eachother through tasks. Some abilities double as mini-games, including clones of copter and pipe-linking games. This game will suit both fans of the movie and those who aren’t.


Publisher: Handheld Games Corp.

Price: $0.99

If you have a 3GS and are scouting out games that use its specific features, then SurrounDEAD is just for you. This game has you turning your entire body around to change your perspective. As the first game to use the 3GS’s compass, this is one zombie game that has some merit. Other devices can also play using accelerometer controls.

Moon Drop

Publisher: NimbleBit

Price: $0.99

There are some pick-up-and-play games that are one of a kind, and Moon Drop is definitely one of them. The concept is easy to learn, yet hard to master: tap around the dropping lunar pods to direct them to the landing pad safely. Go too fast or land on another area of the base and you lose a life. With tons of polish and addicting gameplay, this is one that may keep you hooked for a very long time.

Car Mania

Publisher: Origin8

Price: $0.99

While it may look a lot like Flight Control and Harbor Master on the surface, this path-drawing game is quite different. In Car Mania, you send cars of different sizes rolling along preset paths to their destination. Things start off calm, but quickly turn into rush hour. One cool thing is that cars stop up, making it feel much more realistic. Fans of other path-drawing games should take a look at this.

Zombies vs. Sheep

Publisher: Clickgamer.com

Price: $0.99

When we previewed Zombies vs. Sheep, we found it to be a unique gallery shooter that took the tried-and-tested zombie theme and put a Mexican twist on it. Check out our preview for a closer look at this shooter.

Ten Pin Championship Bowling

Publisher: Skyworks

Price: $1.99

Ten Pin Championship Bowling gives you the full bowling experience for less than it costs just to rent a pair of bowling shoes. The game gives you two lanes, control over your ball’s weight and look, local multiplayer of up to four players, and online scoring. However, there is no AI to play against, so those looking for a game that is distinctly single player may need to look elsewhere. Otherwise, this is a quality bowling game.

Pinball Fantasies

Publisher: Cowboy Rodeo

Price: $5.99

Pinball is probably one of the best known games of all time, and Pinball Fantasies may be one of the iterations that prove exactly why. This game is a follow-up to Pinball Dreaming, both of which are ports of old Amiga games. With four beautifully crafted levels and smooth gameplay, Pinball fans will go to town with this game.


Publisher: Paul Burkey

Price: $1.99

This game may look like Tetris’¦ in fact, it even takes some ideas from Tetris, but in so many ways it is not. The goal is to place pieces on a board, trying to connect lines up and down the grid to get them to disappear. There are tons of powerups and piece types, keeping things fresh as you play.

Pigeon Poo

Publisher: AVOC Software

Price: $0.99

Some games are so random they blow our minds. This is the case with Pigeon Poo. As the title suggests, you are a pigeon and must poop on the heads of unsuspecting humans. Each level consists of three stages: eating, flying, and pooping. The art style is unique and the concept is’¦ interesting. If you need a good laugh and don’t mind sophomoric humor, take a whiff of this.

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