Ten to Watch: Thursday, February 11

February is looking to be a huge month for iPhone games, with big titles such as Brothers In Arms 2, X2 Snowboarding, Plants vs. Zombies, and numerous others slated for imminent release. Here are some games that may have passed you by in the craziness, many of which are space-themed and full of malevolent robots.

Space Miner: Space Ore Bust

Price: $4.99

Space Miner is a game that appeals to just about every type of gamer. As the nephew or niece of an intergalactic redneck ore hunter, you must blow up asteroids from the comfort of your trusty ship as you move around different asteroid planes. However, a government agency is on your uncle’s back, meaning their drones have invaded your property. This leads to battles with hordes of robots and massive bosses. We will have a full review soon, but our initial impressions are extremely positive and it could be among the best $5 you can spend on the App Store.

Knife Toss

Price: $0.99

If Columbus from Zombieland was an iPhone gamer, chances are he would find lots of enjoyment in this game due to his fear of clowns. If you too find clowns to be freakier than zombies, then tossing knives at a board with a clown strapped to it is just for you. Of course, the point of the game is to hit the balloons and keep the clown alive, although the best parts are watching the bozo cry in pain when he gets a knife to the head. It’s a simple game, but also a great anger management tool.

Parachute Ninja

Price: $0.99

What happens when you combine Mary Poppins and ninjas? You get a ninja with a parachute, of course! In Parachute Ninja you play as a cute little ball who aspires to be a stealthy assassin. His journey consists of launching upward from slings and using the wind to float down with his parachute. So far we have highly enjoyed this game and, besides the initially awkward tilt parachute controls, have been compelled to keep playing post-storyline in survival mode. We highly recommend checking it out for such a low price.


Price: $0.99

One genre that rarely sees an original twist is castle defense. However, Hellemental does just this and will likely appeal to many of our readers. You play as a monster-killing wizard put in charge of defending your castle from oncoming elementals. To take out enemies, you must choose specific spells and manually cast them from your perch to deplete their life. It does become quite challenging and the controls aren’t ideal, but eye-catching 3D graphics and a good amount of depth make this one to try.

Steam Wars

Price: $2.99

We love huge human-powered robots on tiny planets here at Slide To Play, so naturally Steam Wars caught our eye. In this turn-based artillery game, you must attack your opponent while using the terrain, such as walls and mines, to your advantage. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of variety here and the action controls can be clumsy. The graphics are nice, but you may not get too much enjoyment out of this hunk of metal and steam.

Doom 2 RPG

Price: $3.99

While Doom Classic was just a straight-up port of the bloody shotgun-blasting FPS, Doom 2 RPG takes the turn-based approach we last played in Wolfenstein RPG. Like Wolf RPG, this game is much more goofy than scary. It has a load of secrets and minigames, but if you’re expecting intense action, it may not be what you were hoping for.

Project ‘Thor’

Price: $0.99

One of the biggest problems with living in an asteroid field is, obviously, the asteroids. Project ‘Thor’ puts you in the commander’s chair and gives you full control over the operation of a defense mechanism so that incoming space rocks don’t hurt the population growth, which needs to hit 111 million to succeed in survival. As you discover more advanced technologies, you will be able to blast away incoming robot enemies with lasers, make a shield surrounding the whole planet, and increase the power sources available to you. The progression of the game needs some adjustment, as it usually takes far longer to upgrade your resources than necessary, but this title has a lot of potential.

Gamebook Adventures 1: An Assassin In Orlandes

Price: $4.99

The first in a planned series of original iDevice-exclusive gamebooks, As Assassin In Orlandes gives you the ability to control an average man caught up in a sticky situation: stopping an assassin who has been killing people all over the city of Orlandes. Through your choices, dice-rolling, and cunning, you must stop these assaults before it’s too late. The production values are very high, with intriguing writing, stylish hand-drawn art, an extra background story on Orlandes, and a bookmark feature where you can put a ‘checkpoint’ in three places in the book to revert to if situations don’t go the way you would like. Gamebook fans shouldn’t miss this, and we look forward to future installments in this series.

Makeout Mania

Price: $0.99

Teenage developer Josh Rosen, who brought you Above and Beyond Air Combat, is back with Makeout Mania. In this high school, Valentine’s Day has been outlawed, but Cupid will have none of it. By shooting kids with arrows they will fall in love with the next peer of the opposite sex in their sight, giving them a smack on the lips. Make sure teachers don’t catch you in your love craze, though, as this can result in quite the scolding. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and this is a great way to amuse yourself while gearing up for the holiday.

Angela’s World

Price: $1.99

In this interesting little game you play as Angela, the sole inhabitant of a small grassy planet. It’s a simple game of avoiding debris and collecting flowers for points, with the occasional challenge of the world beginning to spin or the screen flashing. However, there simply isn’t enough to do to recommend buying it for $2.

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