Ten To Watch: Thursday, August 13

This week has been quite remarkable, with bucketloads of major games pushed out, as well as several huge announcements. We couldn’t possibly cover everything with only ten games, but we’ll bring you our usual list of noteworthy games from both major and indie developers.

Wolfenstein RPG

Price: $4.99

Wolfenstein RPG is the long-awaited mobile port of the turn-based shooter based on id’s classic Wolfenstein 3D, which we gave a 4. However, unlike its inspiration, this game has a story, conversations between characters, and cutscenes. Our review should be up soon, but fans of Wolfenstein should definitely check this out.

Duke Nukem 3D

Price: $2.99

Speaking of ports and first person shooters, we also saw another port of a classic slip into the App Store this week: Duke Nukem 3D. Originally released in 1996, the game has you playing as the buff Duke Nukem as he stops an alien invasion on Earth. However, reports have shown many to have issues with frustrating controls. The verdict is still out on this one, but expect a full review in the near future.

Guitar Rock Tour 2

Price: $4.99

When we reported on Guitar Rock Tour 2 during E3, we found it to be a glorified version of the original. Now that it’s released, we can confirm this. New features include wi-fi multiplayer, downloadable tracks, and a slew of rockers to play as. Like the original, you can choose to play guitar or drums. With a full career mode and highly polished graphics, this is the closest thing to Guitar Hero on the iPhone yet.

Block Drop

Price: $0.99

While most puzzle games bruise your mind with seemingly impossible puzzles, Block Drop prides itself on zen-like qualities and an immersive environment. The concept is that you must move a gem from block to block, ending on a goal block. The catch: blocks drop when you jump on them, and the goal must be the last block left when you land on it. Things can get tricky, but a peaceful soundtrack and lush visuals keep you relaxed. If you like puzzles but are finding yourself stressed out over their tricky solutions, Block Drop is your cure.

Prairie Chute

Price: $0.99

Whimsical concepts can prove to be the most interesting. That’s probably why we were drawn to the entertaining Prairie Chute. As P. Diggity Dog’s family, an endless group of prairie dogs, fall from the sky with parachutes you must tilt the device to help them avoid dangers such as bombs, vultures, and coyotes. On top of this, each prairie dog must land in the lit up hole. Fail to do so once and it’s game over. It is hard to describe the comedic value of this game so we recommend trying it out for yourself.


Price: $0.99

The concept behind Timeloop is borderline genius. You start with a robot who has a set amount of time in which to perform its task. Then, you go through a ‘timeloop’ where you are brought back to the start of the level with the robot and a ghost of the last. You must use these together to work through each level and reach the professor. This is a brand new mechanic for a puzzle game, and for such a low price it is worth the purchase.


Price: $0.99

Geared is a neat puzzle game where you must connect gears to a rotating gear in a way that it reaches the blue gear and spins it. As you play along, new gameplay mechanics such as areas where you cannot place gears make things near impossible. With 80 levels to work through, this game will keep you occupied for some time.


Price: $1.99

Veering away from our list of great recently released puzzle games, we have Polyhedra. The idea is simple but addicting: fill up 66% of the screen with shapes. However, you only have a certain amount to use and enemies seeking to destroy your shapes during their creation are on the loose. You can also shift gravity by turning the device, although on later levels this is taken away to increase the challenge. For more information, check out our preview.

Touch Magic

Price: $0.99

Touch Magic takes lessons from two of our favorite games: SPiN and Zen Bound. You are given an object that is broken into a bunch of pixels and must spin it until it matches the given picture. You are given 30 seconds at the start of a new game to complete as many objects as possible, and each completed level awards you three seconds. It is challenging, but for only a dollar fans of the aforementioned games will have a field day with it.

Seaman Count

Price: $0.99

Who would have thought we would have seen a counting game inspired by sexual innuendo? Seamen Count is about men at sea who are poked with a fork and swallowed by a sea monster, who has waving tentacles. All you need to do here is tap the seamen in numerical order at an increasingly faster pace. It may be too simple to justify a purchase for some, but we know you’re giggling right now at the name.

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