Temple Run: Oz

Temple Run: Oz is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Temple Run: Oz Review

How many times can a developer re-make a game before they start getting diminishing returns? The answer when it comes to the Temple Run series seems to be only once. We loved the original Temple Run, but couldn’t get too excited about the Brave movie spin-off, which was just as good, but didn’t add anything significant to the core gameplay. Developer Imangi Studios has done it again with Temple Run: Oz. It’s essentially the same game as the excellent Temple Run 2, but with new graphics based on the movie Oz the Great and Powerful.


This is not an awful thing by any stretch of the imagination. Because they’ve changed almost nothing from Temple Run 2, the core gameplay of Temple Run: Oz is a whole lot of fun. You run endlessly onward, swiping to jump, turn, and slide, and tilting to collect coins and avoid obstacles like pits and rock mounds. In the game’s store, you can spend your coins and gems on power-ups, utilities, and abilities. Temple Run 2 looked incredible, and Temple Run: Oz looks every bit as amazing, with the yellow brick road, flying baboons, and hot-air balloon from the movie. Playing this game is a huge thrill.

But Temple Run 2 is a free download, while Temple Run: Oz costs a buck. A dollar isn’t much, but when you can get nearly the same experience for free in Temple Run 2, why bother downloading the movie tie-in? Our advice is to play Temple Run 2 first. If you love it and want to play in the world of Oz, grab up Temple Run: Oz. Just don’t expect to find much new.

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