Telltale Reveals Walking Dead, Fables, Kings Quest, Badge of Carnage, and More

Telltale made a slew of new game announcements at last night’s press event in San Francisco, revealing the future of adventure game franchises both new and old. Although all of the games are coming to PC and Mac as downloadable titles, only a few were confirmed for the iPad, Telltale’s main iOS platform of choice.

First of all, Telltale gave us more details on their current series, showing news trailers for both Back to the Future Episode 2 and the upcoming Jurassic Park. Back to the Future Episode 2 will have a gangster theme and be set in the 1930s, but it’s not confirmed for the iPad yet.

Telltale will also finally break their habit of releasing only the first episode in a series on iPad when they submit episodes 2-5 of Monkey Island Tales for App Store approval between March and May of this year. Telltale CEO Dan Connors noted that this is the first of their series to fully appear on iPad, but it won’t be the last.

Then came the big surprises: No less than five new games were announced, which will be available between Summer 2011 and the first quarter of 2012. Again, not all of these are confirmed for iOS just yet.

Puzzle Agent 2

With a creepy trailer that promised a return to Scoggins for Agent Nelson Tethers, this sequel shows that Telltale’s “pilot program” paid off. We’re eager to see the story advance a little further, especially since the last game ended on a cliffhanger. One nice touch in the trailer: The sheriff pointedly ignoring Nelson’s screams so he could play a handheld videogame.

Badge of Carnage

Many adventure fans loved loudmouth copper Hector when he first appeared on the iPhone last summer, and many were equally loudmouthed in disagreeing with our critical review. Telltale told us they were also big fans of Hector, so they jumped at the chance to port Episode 1 to iPad, PC, and Mac, and to help Straandlooper develop the rest of the series. Look for the ports to hit soon, and more information about Episode 2 soon after that.

King’s Quest

The original Sierra adventure games are getting brand-new stories, in what Telltale describes as a “reboot”. We don’t know any details yet, except that we’ll learn more around E3.


Based on the DC comic book series, Fables will take classic fairy tales and folklore and inject them with a great deal of sex and violence. Telltale has kept it clean in the past, so we’re curious to see if they make good on their promise to keep in all the bloody action intact. This one will be available Q1 2012, with more details to be announced at Comic-Con this summer.

The Walking Dead

Our favorite announcement of the night, Telltale will be bringing another comic book series to life with The Walking Dead. With AMC’s television adaptation coming back for another season, 2011 will be a very good year for followers of the endlessly bleak post-apocalyptic adventure. This one’s definitely coming to iPad at the end of 2011, and like with Fables, we’ll know more at Comic-Con.

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