Tehra Dark Warrior

Tehra Dark Warrior is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Tehra Dark Warrior Review

Since your character is onscreen at all times, and most action gamers are male, the developer of Tehra Dark Warrior did the only sensible thing with their heroine: gave her generous proportions and put her in a thong bikini. Say what you will about the protective qualities of such an outfit– particularly for someone who fights demons all day– but it makes for some flashy eye candy.

In fact, the game in general delivers a lot of impressive visuals. From the colorful, hulking demons trying to bash your head in, to the detailed and varied backdrops, Tehra is a good-looking game.

And the storyline’s not so bad, either. Long ago, the humans and demons of the land couldn’t stop fighting, so the leaders decided to split up the territory and divide the races. When they signed the treaty, they used DNA from both sides to create a hot warrior babe to police the place and make sure no one crossed into the other’s territory. All was well until some rogue demons with no respect for the law stepped over the line. So it’s up to your nearly-naked self to keep the peace by slaughtering the demon army.

Armor rating: zero.

To control your pin-up warrior, you have a movement stick on the left and buttons to attack, block, and use magic on the right. Your magic depletes pretty quickly, so most of the time you’ll be tapping the attack button over and over again. We would have liked a jump or evade button, but that probably would have made things too cluttered. As is, you’re left with pretty basic attacking abilities.

And attack you will. The game is composed of a bunch of closed-in areas that you can only progress through by slaying everything in your path. Some segments have enemies that respawn indefinitely until you defeat a miniboss or destroy items in the environment. This can get extremely frustrating, especially when you’re trying to kill one enemy in particular, but regular demons keep respawning and attacking you from behind.

Often enemies will swarm around you, with hit boxes so large that you can’t escape by running between them, while skeleton archers take potshots at you from afar. If you save up and max out your magic bar, you can turn into a super-powerful demon version of Tehra, which helps, but you’ll run out of magic before the enemy waves stop coming.

An upgrade system lets you pump up your magic and abilities, but not enough to stay on par as the enemies become more powerful. What this game really needs is an adjustable difficulty setting in the options menu.

Their most powerful weapon is respawn.

Another oversight is that there’s no lock-on feature, so you’ll often end up performing a combo in the air next to an enemy. Zenonia has the right idea, with its system that automatically targets whatever enemy is closest to you. We wish Tehra would follow suit.

But if you can get past those hurdles, you’ll see that the game does a lot of things right. The graphics and music are great. A useful auto-save feature puts you back at the nearest checkpoint whenever you close and re-open the app. Achievements, challenge modes, and online leaderboards add to the lasting value of the game. We just wish it weren’t so maddeningly difficult.

So player beware: Tehra is tough, and the combat gets repetitive. But if you think you can take it, and don’t mind looking at a scantily-clad woman the whole way through, you’ll find a lot to like.

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