Teaser Site Reveals Splinter Cell is iPhone Bound

We’re not too ashamed to admit that we would never have cracked this code. Thanks to the skill of someone more astute than us, however, it would appear that Ubisoft has all but confirmed that Splinter Cell is in development for the iPhone.

37.331689, -122.030731 is the number in question, because the code sprawls across the bottom of a teaser site for an upcoming and unnamed Splinter Cell release. Thanks to the folks at Pocket Gamer, it’s been revealed that the numbers are in fact the coordinates for Infinite Loop, Apple’s Cupertino headquarters. As such, it seems especially likely that the game is iPhone bound.

It’s not the first time Sam Fisher has graced mobile platforms. Ubisoft’s close (yet seemingly fractious) relationship with French publisher Gameloft has resulted in a number of previous mobile games, but this will be the bearded one’s first iPhone adventure.

Just what form it will take is not yet known, given that Ubisoft has yet to offer concrete confirmation regarding the game’s platform of choice. However, all bets are off regarding just how it will spill the beans; our money’s on screenshots delivered via Morse code. Check back around GDC for more information on this game.

[Via Pocket Gamer]

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