Team Meat Announces New iOS Game

Team Meat, the makers of the superb platformer Super Meat Boy, have announced yet another game that’s supposedly coming to iOS. It’s called A Voyeur for September, and they describe it as a “live action stealth game.” Watch the creep-tastic teaser trailer below.

I’m not sure what a “live action stealth game” entails, but it’s possible it will actually get players off the couch and out into the world to spy on their neighbors from the bushes. Another possibility is that the teaser ties into Super Meat Boy in some way. Wordsmithy YouTube commenters have discovered that if you rearrange the letters in A Voyeur for September, you get Super Meat Boy Forever.

What does it all mean? We’ll have to wait until the end of the month, when the game is set to be shown off at PAX Prime.

For those counting at home, if this is indeed a separate game, this marks the third iOS game Team Meat has announced over the years, including a mobile adaptation of Super Meat Boy and a cat breeding game called Mew-Genics. Neither of those games have actually come out, despite being announced quite some time ago. I hope A Voyeur for September (or any other game from Team Meat) actually materializes at some point on the App Store. Based on history, however, I’m not holding my breath.

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