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Tap Tap Revenge Tour is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Tap Tap Revenge Tour Review

If you’re not familiar with the popular Tap Tap Revenge series of rhythm games, here’s a brief description. Colored baubles slide down the screen of your iDevice while music belts from the background. You tap those baubles in time to the beat, in addition to ‘slicing’ notes and/or shaking your device when ordered. Think of Tap Tap Revenge as drumming your fingers along to a good song–but ‘To the extreeeeme!‘

Tap Tap Revenge Tour plays much like its predecessors, but with one major difference: the series now contains free-to-play elements. Most of these elements are slotted in the game’s ‘Tour’ mode. When you select Tour, you’re sent to a random location in the world (the server picks a new one daily), where you play five free and/or selected DLC songs as part of a show. You’re allowed to select the difficulty for each song, and if you’re successful, you earn Notes to buy items that you can show off on your profile/Wall (no, you can’t buy a pet Judge that looks like a walking butt. Sorry).

“Nobody rocks like Ho Chi Mihn City!!”

Once you’ve gone through all five of your songs, the Tour mode needs to recharge for a day. You can, however, ‘Jam’ anytime you like, which simply involves picking a song and playing along with it. Tap Tap Revenge Tour has a rotating library of free songs, though most of the free selections thus far seem to be of the Top 40-ish variety. So if you’re not into what the kids are listening to today, you’re probably going to want to spend a little coin to lift yourself out of the realm of pop.

Overall, Tour Mode is intriguing, and a good way to sample the game’s available tracks. It does have one major drawback, and that’s its use of ‘Picks’–an earnable in-game currency. Each show takes several Picks to play through, but they’re very slow to recharge. If you want to keep touring, you’re probably going to be looking at purchasing Picks with hard currency at the in-game store.

Slice dem notes.

The Tap Tap Revenge series has long been a beloved rhythm game series, and in most respects, Tap Tap Revenge Tour is worthy of that legacy. We’re talking about a game that lets you move to music–it’s hard to mess that up. On the other hand, longtime fans of the series might feel put off by Revenge Tour’s implementation of freemium elements, to say nothing of the series taking another sideways slide away from its indie roots. If you’re coming into the Tap Tap Revenge series all innocent and newborn-like, though, then Revenge Tour is a perfectly decent initiation. Welcome to the band.

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