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Tap Tap Revenge Classic (paid version) is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Tap Tap Revenge At Top of the Pops In App Store

Apple might be a little reluctant to publish official sales charts and figures, but that hasn’t stopped others from having an educated guess or two. Following AdMob’s claims that the App Store pulls in $2.4 billion a year, now FADE LLC, a strategic market research and consulting firm, has published a list of what it believes are the top ten selling paid-for games on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

There are, perhaps, a few surprises. Supposed stars such as Rolando and Real Racing are nowhere to be seen, no doubt due to their relative release dates. Meanwhile, other often maligned games like launch title Super Monkey Ball make the countdown quite comfortably, pulling in the dollars as a result.

Tap Tap Revenge Classic is the top selling game of all time on the App Store, according to FADE.

FADE’s run-down does contain some bonafide classics. Sitting in third spot, for instance, is the Must Have game Flight Control, selling around 1.38 million units since launch, according to FADE’s estimates. Just one place above, with sales of 1.64 million units, is fellow Slide to Play favorite Fieldrunners. In fact, of the eight currently rated on Slide to Play’s database, six of them have scored 3 or more, suggesting that App Store consumers have a certain amount of nous when it comes to picking out the class.

FADE’s App Store Top Ten, via VGChartz:

1. Tap Tap Revenge Classic (Tapulous) ‘“ 4.04 million units sold

2. Fieldrunners (Subatomic Studios) ‘“ 1.64 million

3. Flight Control (Firemint) ‘“ 1.38 million

4. Touchgrind (Illusion Labs) ‘“ 990k

5. Zombieville USA (Mika Mobile) ‘“ 961k

6. iShoot (Ethan Nicolas) ‘“ 843k

7. Super Monkey Ball (Sega) ‘“ 748k

8. Hero of Sparta (Gameloft) ‘“ 748k

9. Enigmo (Pangea Software) ‘“ 686k

10. The Sims 3 (Electronic Arts) – 669k

FADE also believes that the App Store as a whole has much to celebrate when compared to rival digital download stores. The July 2009 results suggest that the network controls more of the market than Xbox Live Marketplace, PlayStation Store or WiiWare. Similarly, the firm also states that the suggestion a that only cheap titles soar on the service is nothing but a myth; FADE points out that many games above the 99 cent price point have done rather well.

However, the App Store is a little “top heavy”, the company claims, with most of its revenue being generated by the games at the top of the pile. Just how well those skirting around the bottom do for their respective developers is currently open for debate. Don’t expect any headline-grabbing figures for those struggling for air down below to settle the arguments anytime soon.

[From VGChartz]

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