Taito Announces New Bust-A-Move Available Friday

For many people, Bust-A-Move was the first Match-3 puzzle game they ever played in an arcade or pizza parlor. Even a decade and a half later, the chirpy theme song is still stuck in our heads. Taito has absolutely no plans to remedy the musical ear worm, but they are releasing New Bust-A-Move on the App Store this Friday.

So what’s new about New Bust-A-Move? The biggest addition seems to be a special “jump shot”, which will fire your ball over all the others, so that you can hit those hard-to-reach areas in the back. In addition, you’ll be able to battle bosses and play some unique stages where the ordinary rules don’t apply. Plus, New Bust-A-Move will contain online leaderboards and achievements through Game Center.

Check out these videos and screenshots of New Bust-A-Move in action. It’ll be available this Friday for $4.99, but you can download it the night before (tonight) at 8pm PST on the App Store.

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