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    Max Adventure Hands-On Preview

    Imangi Studios found success last year with Harbor Master, a path-drawing game that we thought stood up well against Flight Control. Their next game, Max Adventure, merits comparison to another genre-defining iPhone hit, Minigore. (more…)

      Ngmoco Announces Three New Follow-Ups: We Farm, We City, and Touch Pets Cats

      It’s tough for us to call these newly-announced Ngmoco games sequels, since they’re each more of a brand extension than a direct sequel. But for those who enjoyed We Rule and Touch Pets Dogs, they’re three freebies you won’t want to miss. (more…)

        Hands-On With The Next Eliminate

        Some gamers like to play God, others like to raise dogs. For those who like to shoot at other players online, there’s Eliminate Pro, but a new Ngmoco freemium game takes the same concept and sets it in the present day. (more…)

          San Francisco Subway Station Houses iPhone Game Ads

          If you were arriving at WWDC this week via BART, San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit subway system, you might have spied an advertisement for an upcoming iPhone game. That’s right, not an Apple ad showing games on the device in general, but a specific iPhone game coming this summer. (more…)