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Interesting via Touch Arcade:

Here’s Why Mobile Gaming Will Kill Game Consoles

Want to know why mobile games will overtake console gaming as the platform of choice in the future? Because research shows kids don’t like TVs, and consoles depend on TVs. It’s that simple, says Touch Arcade:

And if you’re a company that relies on a passive display like a television, well, I feel bad for you. A new generation is getting their entertainment from screens they can interact with and have with them. And that’s why mobile gaming has such a promising future. It’s the norm, and console gaming is the weird outsidery thing that’s odd and inconvenient.

So if you wonder why all these companies are going mobile, it’s because that’s where an entire generation is going to be.

Via Touch Arcade

Videos via YouTube:

Lonnie Plays ‘GI Joe Strike’

In GI Joe Strike, you bring a hurting to the Cobra soldiers who fling themselves at you with reckless abandon. To see how the game is, check out Lonnie’s video above.

Via YouTube

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News via Pocket Gamer:

Crescent Moon Apologizes for Replacing Premium Titles with Free Versions

Some Android gamers are not happy that developer Crescent Moon has swapped out the paid versions some games with ad-supported free versions. From Pocket Gamer:

“After the recent fiasco of going free with premium titles Neon Shadow and Mines of Mars – we have decided that it would be better to just launch separate free versions that are ad supported on Android from now on,” Crescent Moon told us.

“Even after adding precautions so that previous buyers wouldn’t be affected by the ‘going free’ we still offended a lot of people and would like to apologize for that.”

Via Pocket Gamer

Videos via Pocket Gamer:

‘Just Cause’ Developers Release ‘Rumble City’ Trailer

The makers of the insane action game series Just Cause are working on a free-to-play “tactical puzzle brawler” for iOS. From Pocket Gamer:

“While the game may be far removed from our trademark open world madness, it captures some of the same oddball humor our fans have come to expect and demand from us,” said Avalanche’s CEO Pim Holfve.

Rumble City is available a free to play game on Android right now. You can download it on Google Play and the Amazon App Store.

It’ll also be available for iOS on July 9th. You can find out more about it on its website.

Via Pocket Gamer

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