Freeverse WWDC Roundup: Flick Baseball, Trackz, Warpgate, Grunts!


We sat down with a representative from Freeverse to check out the publisher’s upcoming lineup. We saw Flick Baseball, the newest game in the Flick Sports collection; Trackz, an app for model train enthusiasts; Warpgate, a very cool-looking space trading game; and Warpack: Grunts, an intriguing top-down shooter. Details and video after the jump! (more…)

STP Interview: Gameloft’s Michel Guillemot


Gameloft rates as one of the top publishers on the App Store along practically every metric. The Paris-based firm has dozens of iPhone titles on sale–which have produced beaucoup bucks for its bottom line–and many of its games have been hits with the critics as well, such as Terminator Salvation and Siberian Strike.

Gameloft produces games for many other casual platforms as well (including feature phones, Android, the Nintendo DSi, and Xbox Live Arcade, to name a few), but the iPhone seems to be one of its most important outlets. We sat down with Gameloft’s President and CEO, Michel Guillemot, to learn about the company’s reaction to Apple’s WWDC announcements, as well as its ongoing plans for the platform. (more…)

iMech Hands-On


In iMech, robot fighting feels much more substantial than in other games we’ve played recently. These chunky chassis have a heavy gait, and their weapons are slow to charge and discharge, but the satisfaction of blowing a real live opponent to smoldering rubble with a giant frickin’ laser beam is incredible. (more…)

Ngmoco’s FPS Codename


We recently got our hands on Ngmoco’s currently untitled first person shooter, codenamed “LiveFire”, at this year’s WWDC. LiveFire (the actual name should be announced very soon) handles a lot like Quake 3 or Unreal Tournament, but this iPhone shooter is unique in that it is played exclusively online, with no bot matches or single player campaign. (more…)